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Abigail FFCDAbigail
Birthdate N/A
Birthplace United States United States of America
Height 238cm (7'9")
Weight 265kg (583 lbs.)
Eye color Grey
Hair color Black
Fighting style Brute force
Likes Bananas
Dislikes Being made fun for his name
First game Final Fight

Abigail (アビゲイル Abigeiru?) is a character from the Final Fight series where he is a member of the Mad Gear Gang and the boss of the penultimate stage in Final Fight, Metro City's Bay Area.



Abigail is an extremely large man with a narrow flat-top haircut. His attire closely resembles a white version of that worn by the Andore Family, but he is keen to point out that he is not one of them.[1] He usually wears facepaint, but in Mighty Final Fight, a non-canon retelling of the original Final Fight with chibi sprites, he is seen without facepaint.


Final FightEdit

Abigail was a top lieutenant in Belger's Mad Gear Gang, in charge of the city's Bay Area. When Haggar's daughter Jessica was kidnapped by the gang, Cody and Guy took a shortcut through the Bay Area on their way to Belger's penthouse. It was there they encountered Abigail, who told them:

"Hey, cool down. She must be having a good time with Belger!" [1]

At this, Cody rushed to save Jessica from Belger's hands, leaving Guy behind to deal with Abigail. After a difficult fight Guy managed to beat Abigail.

Fighting styleEdit

Abigail uses no finesse in his fighting, just brute force. He picks up his opponents and throws them around like rag dolls, and occasionally turns red and uses running body slams. In Final Fight One, "Alpha Cody" (a non-canon unlockable character who is the Cody seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3 somehow reliving the past) notes that he hadn't been terribly impressed by Abigail, asking whether he still stuck to "using only one attack pattern".[2] In Mighty Final Fight, one of his humorous attacks is to pick up his opponents and kiss them.



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