This is a list of quotes used by Adon.

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Is that the best you can do?"
  • "My legend starts now!"
  • "Don't worry, it's all over."
  • "I am a Muay Thai master. You are sucking gravel."

Rival Dialogue Edit

Vs SagatEdit

Adon: "You have taught me well, master. Now I have surpassed you!"

Sagat: "You are a mere shadow of my skill. It's time you learn your place!"

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

Vs SagatEdit


Adon: "Aah, Sagat! Did you think you could escape from me? Now that I found you, you must be killed."

Sagat: "In your dreams, warrior!"

Adon: "My dreams are your nightmares."

Vs M. BisonEdit


Bison: "You have earned a place in Shadaloo."

Adon: "Who are you?"

Bison: "I'm Bison, lord of Shadaloo. I'm the best there is!"

Adon: "The best there was" is more like it."

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "By fighting me, your weakness will become legendary!"
  • "I felt your ribs and spine snap! I'm sorry I left you alive!"
  • "Look into my eyes, and see what's left of your broken self!"
  • "My existence is fury unleashed! You can't hope to contain me!"
  • "That was a waste of my Muay Thai skills! You are worthless!"
  • "What hurts more? The pain of your body or your self-esteem?"
  • "You'll appreciate that I held back during the fight!"
  • "Your only destiny now, is to lie here at my feet!"

Rival Dialouges Edit

Vs KenEdit


Ken: "You are the worthy first pupil of Sagat, aren't you?"

Adon: "Shut up! He is no longer my master! You studied with the one who has the "TEN" symbol upon his back? I see... In that case, show me that technique!!"


Adon: "You're overrated! You claim to be the "king of fighters?" Ha! That ultimate barrage attack... That's how I will identify him! Then, I'll teach him that Muay Thai is truly invincible!"

Vs RoseEdit


Rose: "People are obsessed with power, which in turn, destroys people. Can't you see it? Where your aspirations will lead you?"

Adon: "Ruin and destruction, right? I know full well what it is! But Muay Thai's power is far beyond your comprehension!"

Vs M. BisonEdit


Bison: "You've changed. It's no surprise that your strength beat Sagat! It seems... Well, it seems I underestimated you."

Adon: "I don't need you. I'm just interested in "that power."

Bison: "You want the secrets of the "Raging Demon" ...Right?"

Adon: "..!! How could you know about that?"

Bison: "And what could you gain from such a pitifully weak move? I'll show you true strength! The awesome might of Psycho Power!"

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Super Street Fighter IV Edit

Intro Edit

"Ah, Sagat. It took only one fight to transform you into a sniveling coward. I had so much respect for you, but now you are a tiger with no fangs. Death awaits Jaguars and Tigers who have lost their fangs. When the mere act of living is humiliating, you're finished. Have you forgotten even that much? You've thrown away your pride as a Muay Thai boxer, folded up your claws, and called it quits. If that's what's become of you, I'll put you out of your misery myself. Your time in the spotlight is over!"

Rival cutscene Edit


Adon: "Looks like you have enough pride to not run away from a fight, Sagat!"

Sagat: "The power you're after is twisted."

Adon: "Just save it! Everyone will bow before me! I will see them worship me as a god!"

Sagat: "This path you walk leads nowhere, Adon. This fight is pointless."

Adon: "Bah! I've had enough of your empty platitudes! Die!"

Ending Edit

Adon: "Hah! You fought well, but make no mistake! You have been de-clawed and dethroned! Heh-heh! I will never become what you have, Sagat! I will destroy all who climb into the ring with me! I will show the world the power of Muay Thai, and most importantly, I will show them that my skills in the art are without equal!"

Crowd: "Adon! Adon! Adon! Adon! Adon!"

Adon: "Now... witness the birth of a new Muay Thai legend!"

Personal Actions Edit

  • "Nothing beats Muay Thai!"
  • "I'm ready to finish this!"
  • "Give it to me!"
  • "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "I can get a better workout at the gym!"
  • "You're through!"
  • "I'm ready for ya!"
  • "You'll pay for disappointing me!"
  • "Why won't you attack?"

Prefight Edit

  • "I'll show you just how strong I am!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Fool!"
  • "I am the king!"
  • "Feast your eyes on the new king of Muay Thai!"
  • "No one is strong enough to face me! No one!"
  • "Muay Thai is the single most powerful art on the face of the planet!"
  • "There is no value in allowing the weak to live!"
  • "Like the mighty jaguar, I grow more powerful with each victory!"
  • "Remember this day, for it is the day you truly understood your own weakness!"
  • "A new legend is born this day! All hail the mighty Adon!"
  • "Annoying worm! Begone with you!"
  • "Not bad, but not good enough to dethrone the king!"

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "Obsession with the past is a sign of weakness, worm!"
  • "I can see why they call you the buffalo. You're about as smart as one!"
  • "King versus beast? Don't waste your time, fool!"
  • "The sting of the killer bee cannot harm a wild jaguar!"
  • "Did you think your pitiful kicks could actually harm the king of Muay Thai?"
  • "The flames of your god cannot harm the king!"
  • "Now you know the power of Muay Thai! Peddle your boxing nonsense elsewhere!"
  • "Your moves are so ancient, they are actually covered with putrid mold!"
  • "Your pathetic power is useless! This is the true power of Muay Thai!"
  • "Hurry up and die, old fool! You're wasting precious oxygen!"
  • "Your legs are swift, but they cannot deliver you from the jaguar's rage!"
  • "The insane flailing of a lunatic is no match for the king of jaguars!"
  • "A sniveling coward like you is no match for me!"
  • "Choose to stay here at your own peril! This jaguar has claws, child!"
  • "No deity is a match for the god of Muay Thai!"
  • "Your predictions are worthless to me! I shall forge the future myself!"
  • "Leave my sight at once or face the wrath of a jaguar enraged!"
  • "Witness the glorious return of Muay Thai to its rightful place upon the throne!"
  • "Only the strong survive! Best you learn that lesson now, worm!"
  • "For my finale, why don't I crush your head under my heel, worm!"
  • "Never boast your speed again!"
  • "All the muscles in the world don't matter when you're slow as molasses!"

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

  • "Your kicks can't compare to the might of Muay Thai!"
  • "How dare you try to step on a god with those shoes?"
  • "I am a god of Muay Thai! No soldier can match me."