Sprites Edit


Akuma breathe Akuma4 Akuma-cvs-stance Akuma-snk-stand Akuma-ts-stance Akuma-mini Mini-akuma AkumaNXC PZAkuma


Colorswap (5) Akuma-sf3-eviltaunt Akuma-sf3-taunt Akuma-sf3-win SFIIIAkumaShock Akuma-snk-eviltaunt Akuma-winpose Akuma-cvs2-loop Akuma-cvs-burnnn Akuma-little-stance Akuma-gem-taunt Akuma-motm-sup Akuma-burn-sf3 Akuma-flame Akuma-SGS Akuma-Teleport Ashura-Senku-forward AkumaMM

HD SpritesEdit

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