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The Alpha Counter (アルファカウンター, Arufa Kauntaa) is a maneuver first introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

Street Fighter Alpha series Arcade-Stick-Qcbd + Arcade Button Punch/Arcade Button Kick when blocking


As quoted from the Street Fighter Alpha 2 manual:

"When you block your opponent's attack, press the Direction Buttons (Quarter Circle Backwards) in a smooth motion, then press a punch or kick button. This will perform an Alpha Counter attack, which is a quick counter move against your vulnerable opponent. Each character has 2 different Alpha Counters depending which button you press. Alpha Counters consume 1 level on your Super Combo Gauge".[1]

In the original Street Fighter Alpha, each character would use either the punch or kick button, depending on the character in question. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, all characters used both buttons, with one corresponding to high attacks, and the other to low.


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