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Original costume (left) vs. Alternate costume 1 (right) for Ryu

Street Fighter IV, like many 3D fighting games, features alternate costumes for the playable characters. The game also continues the tradition of using alternate colors for these characters, allowing the player to select a color for both original and alternate costumes.

All characters in Street Fighter IV and its updates have 6 or 7 costumes with 10 colors each (plus two "stylized" versions of color 1). Costumes from the Vacation, Wild, and Horror packs have 20 colors each.[1]


Street Fighter IV CostumesEdit

Each character has one alternate costume in the original Street Fighter IV.

Super Street Fighter IV CostumesEdit

In Super Street Fighter IV, the returning characters have three costumes, and the characters introduced in Super and Arcade Edition have two.

Ultra Street Fighter IV CostumesEdit

In addition to every previously released costume, the new characters were given two costumes each. They have their Alternate 1 costumes locked. The player must have save data from Street Fighter X Tekken (or an Ultra Street Fighter IV save file that already has them unlocked) to use them.[1] Their Alternate 2 is either available by pre-ordering the game or as DLC. Three new sets for every character were also introduced, as detailed below.

Summer Vacation CostumesEdit

During the summer of 2014, Capcom released a costume package for Ultra Street Fighter IV called the Summer Vacation Costumes. These costumes were themed around clothing people would wear while on vacation.

Wild CostumesEdit

During December 2014, Capcom released a second costume package for Ultra Street Fighter IV called the Wild Costumes. These costumes were inspired by animals.

Horror CostumesEdit

During October 2015, Capcom released a third costume package for Ultra Street Fighter IV called the Horror Costumes. There costumes were inspired by monsters.

Trivia Edit

  • Ken's first alternate costume is from King Cobra, a character design that was scrapped in favor of Rufus. His third alternate costume is his training gear seen in his Street Fighter Alpha 2 ending.
  • Chun-Li's third alternate costume is her tracksuit from the Street Fighter Alpha series.
  • Guile's first alternate costume is Charlie's outfit from the Street Fighter Alpha series. His third alternate costume is a formal military uniform, seen in his Capcom Fighting Evolution ending.
  • Zangief's first alternate costume is Mike Haggar's outfit from Final Fight. His second alternate costume is Mech-Zangief. His third alternate costume is originally from Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix.
  • Cammy, being a clone of M. Bison, has a variation of his uniform as her second alternate costume.
  • Interestingly, some alternate costumes closely resemble characters from the Street Fighter EX series:
    • Ryu's second alternate costume could be seen as a variation of Hokuto's outfit.
    • Guile's fourth alternate costume strongly resembles Doctrine Dark.
    • Balrog's third alternate costume has him wearing a formal suit and a fedora, which is reminiscent of Cracker Jack.
    • El Fuerte's sixth alternate costume (Horror Pack) is a skeleton outfit, similar to Skullomania, except that his face isn't completely covered.
  • Selecting color 10 for Yun and Yang's first alternate costume will remove their restaurant uniforms.
  • Evil Ryu and Oni's Horror costumes resemble Fujin and Raijin, the gods of wind and thunder (respectively) in the Shinto religion.





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