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Below is a list of non-playable characters (commonly abbreviated as NPC) in the Street Fighter series. These are characters who have made an appearance but are by no means accessible to the player. Their purpose is often for spectacle or storylines. For the list of playable characters, click here.

Street FighterEdit

  1. Retsu -- One of Gouken's friends, he gave his last trial to Ryu and Ken.
  2. Geki -- A ninja who wields shuriken and a claw and can be found at Mt. Fuji.
  3. Joe -- An American Underground Kickboxer from New York.
  4. Mike -- An African-American boxer who is fought at Mount Rushmore. He is often mistaken for Balrog.
  5. Lee -- A Kung Fu expert from China who is fought on the Great Wall. He is Yun and Yang's uncle and a friend of Gen's.

Street Fighter II seriesEdit

  1. Eliza Masters -- Ken's girlfriend, who later becomes his spouse and the mother of his child (Mel). Ken's ending in the first Street Fighter Alpha depicts their first encounter. Also shows up in Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind, Ken's prologue in Street Fighter IV, and his endings in Street Fighter Alpha 2, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Street Fighter III: New Generation, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. She is one of the few non-playable characters from the games to reappear in the Animated movie.
  2. Jane and Amy (Julia (ユリア Yuria?) and Chris (クリス Kurisu?) in Japan; confirmed to be called Amy in Street Fighter IV in Dhalsim's intro and ending as his son Datta's penpal.[citation needed]) -- Guile's wife and daughter, the former being the older sister of Ken's wife Eliza. They appeared in his endings, and urged Guile not to kill M. Bison. In addition, they show up in Guile's Capcom Fighting Evolution ending, and the Guile/Chun-Li/Cammy SFIV short. Amy is the niece of Eliza.
  3. Sally (Sari[citation needed]) and Datta -- Dhalsim's wife and son, seen in his endings. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Sally appears in the background of Dhalsim's stage. She is also in the background of Super Street Fighter IV's India stage, though she won't pay any fight much mind unless her husband is participating. Datta shows up in both Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV as well.
  4. Samantha -- Blanka's long lost mother, who's been searching for him for years. Appears in his ending and also appears in Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV.
  5. Delta Red -- Cammy's squad, including Colonel Keith Wolfman, giant Matthew McCoy, First Lieutenant Lita Luwanda, and computer wizard George Ginzu. Seen in her endings.
  6. Dorai -- Chun-Li's father. He disappeared on a mission and was a friend of Gen. Chun-Li is seen visiting his grave marker in the original version of her ending. He appeared in Street Fighter II V, and killed by M. Bison.

Street Fighter Alpha seriesEdit

  1. Zeku -- Guy's mentor and the 38th Master of the Bushin style, seen in Guy's ending in Alpha 2.
  2. Goutetsu -- Akuma and Gouken's deceased sensei. Seen in Akuma's ending in the original Alpha.
  3. Mad Gear -- Sodom and Rolento's former organization and the villains from Final Fight. Sodom reunites some of its former members (the Andore family, Poison, Bred, Wong Who, Damnd, Rolento, Jay) to reform the gang in his ending in the original Alpha. Many of the same characters (as well as others such Axl) can be seen in the background of Guy's Metro City stage in Alpha 2 and Alpha 3.
  4. El Gado and Holly Wood -- Former Mad Gear members who assist Rolento in battle in Alpha 2 and Alpha 3.
  5. Mike Haggar -- Former CWA wrestler and the Mayor of Metro City, who was instrumental in the downfall of the Mad Gear Gang with Guy and Cody in Final Fight. He appears in Guy's stage in Alpha 2 and Alpha 3, cheering on the fight, as well as in Rolento's ending in Alpha 2. He's also in Hugo's Street Fighter III: Second Impact endings, and in Alex's Capcom Fighting Evolution ending. A giant statue of him holding up "METRO CITY" above his head can be seen in the background of the construction stage in Street Fighter IV.
  6. Jessica -- Haggar's daughter and Cody's girlfriend, who was rescued from the Mad Gear gang in Final Fight. She can be seen cuddling Cody in the background of Guy's stage in Alpha 2. In the Street Fighter Zero 3 Secret File brochure, it is revealed that she broke up with Cody after he became a convict and went to Europe to study abroad.
  7. Kei Chitose -- Sakura's friend from school, seen in her ending in Alpha 2.
  8. Tsukushi Kasugano -- Sakura's brother who loves playing video games. According to Sakura's bio, she doesn't like playing video games with him because she always loses to him. Appears in Sakura's SFA2 stage, paying more attention to his video game than the fight going on outside.
  9. Karin's servants -- Karin has a butler named Ishizaki and an employee named Shibazaki, Ishizaki can be seen in-game, while Shibazaki was seen in her ending and in her background (console version only).
  10. Dr. Senoh -- Shadoloo scientist. Appears in some of Bison's endings. Lifted from the Street Fighter II animated movie - in some U.S. comics, this character is credited as being Dr. Haruo Ichihara, leader of Shadaloo's scientific divisions.
  11. The Dolls -- Young women who were captured and brainwashed to serve as M. Bison's Elite Guard.
  12. Harmageddon Yoko -- Rainbow Mika's trainer. A heavyset woman carrying a shinai (bamboo training sword) who used to be a famous wrestler herself. Appears in some of her victory animations.
  13. Edi. E -- A corrupt policeman who used to be working for Mad Gear. Seemingly still on the force. Appears in some of Cody's victory animations chasing him off the screen.

Street Fighter III seriesEdit

  1. Mel -- Ken and Eliza's son and nephew of Julia (Guile's wife), who first appears "sparring" with his father in Ken's ending in New Generation and is also seen in Ken's ending in 3rd Strike. Eliza is pregnant with him Street Fighter IV and he is seen as a newborn baby in Ken's Super Street Fighter IV ending. Mel is three years of age by the SFIII series and he wishes to follow in his father's footsteps.
  2. Tom and Patricia -- Tom is Alex's trainer and close friend, who knew Alex's father. According to the Street Fighter III Fanbook, Tom has heard Guile's name in passing, as well as hearsay about Nash in relation to some incidents. Patricia is Tom's teenage daughter and a close friend of Alex. She treats Alex like a big brother, and by 3rd Strike, she calls him "Alec". Tom and Pat also appear in his Capcom Fighting Evolution ending.
  3. Effie -- Necro's girlfriend, she first appeared in his ending in New Generation, and rescued him. In 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike, she appears as a member of the Judgment Girls. She also appeared in some official artwork and also made a cameo appearance in Felicia's Capcom Fighting Evolution ending.
  4. Judgment Girls -- A group of female judges who decide the winner of street fighter after a Double KO or Double Time-Up occurs on the final round of any given match.
  5. Hoimei and Shaomei -- Two young sisters from Hong Kong who are Yun and Yang's girlfriends. Hoimei first appeared in Yun and Yang's ending in New Generation, where she is seen attending her father's vegetable stand, while Shaomei appears in Yang's ending in 2nd Impact. Hoimei reappears in Yang and Yun's Super Street Fighter IV ending; angry that they didn't tell anyone where they were going, she grabs Yun by the ear and drags him with her.
  6. Ortho K. Gotch -- Dudley's butler, who appears in his 3rd Strike ending and both his prologue and ending in Super Street Fighter IV. His name is probably supposed to be Orlando.[citation needed]
  7. Kolin (コーリン?) -- Gill's assistant and secretary who appears in-game, and in Gill's endings.
  8. Gill's Secret Society Members -- Seen in-game and in backgrounds, they are dressed in hoods.
  9. Dr. Kure -- Appeared in Twelve's ending. He works for Urien and Gill's organization.
  10. Hyper Cannons -- A CWA tag team comprised of Biff Slamkovich (Aleksey Zalazof in the Japanese version) and Gunloc (Lucky Colt in Japan) from the Slam Masters series. The team is mentioned in Hugo's ending in 2nd Impact when paired with Ryu, Necro, or Gill. In the Japanese version, the team was known as "The Machine Guns".
  11. Slam Masters - A CWA tag team comprised of Mike Haggar and Black Widow from the Slam Masters series. They are mentioned in Hugo's ending in 2nd Impact when paired with Elena. The team is called "Slam Stars" in the Japanese versions.
  12. Sarai Kurosawa -- A fellow ninja and friend of Ibuki's, seen in Ibuki's ending, as well as both her opening and ending in Super Street Fighter IV.
  13. Elena's friends and family -- Elena is friends with Narumi, a girl she met while studying in Japan, and has an older brother, a father and a mother who lead a tribe.
  14. Juliana and David -- A pair of CIA agents who are pursuing Q, and are seen in his 3rd Strike ending. Juliana is a raven-haired woman, while David is an African-American man. Their names are most likely references to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, actors who play the roles of the main characters of the X Files series.

Street Fighter IV seriesEdit

  1. Lauren --  Crimson Viper's daughter. Appears in The Ties That Bind and her Super Street Fighter IV ending. In one of C. Viper's challenges in Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, she said that Lauren is waiting, and thus assigns the player to get 30 perfects.
  2. Candy -- Rufus' girlfriend, an attractive, redheaded woman who dresses like a stereotypical cowgirl. In Super Street Fighter IV, she is also shown to be rather airheaded (or simply having a bad sense of direction) not knowing the simplest way to get to the North Pole. When Rufus points out that they just need to head North, she calls him a genius. Nevertheless, she's show to be cheerful and supportive of Rufus.
  3. S.I.N. scientists -- Wearing radiation suits, these guys appear in Seth's stage. One of them is also seen taking pictures in the Car Crusher Bonus Stage in Super Street Fighter IV.
  4. Bred -- A Mad Gear goon. Appears at the end of the car mini-game in if Cody, Rolento , Hugo , Poison or Guy is used, crying "Oh, my car!!" just like he did in Final Fight.
  5. Bandaged child -- An unknown child that appears in Balrog's ending. While looking for treasure in the ruins of a S.I.N building, Balrog stumbles across the young child. After a Shadaloo-shaped symbol begins to glow on their hand, Balrog decides the child could be of some use to him, although he is annoyed that they seem to be powerless. He carries them off regardless, expecting the child to be useful later.
  6. Hakan's family - Hakan's family consists of his wife and seven daughters who all appear in his Super Street Fighter IV ending and in some official artwork.

Street Fighter EX seriesEdit

  1. Cycloid - Model character from bonus stage.
  2. Bison II - The real final boss in Street Fighter EX2 Plus.
  3. Zako A - A young man who can perform the Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku in edit mode or credits bonus game.
  4. Zako B - A strong man who can perform the Double Lariat , Spinning Piledriver and Head Crush in edit mode or credits bonus game.
  5. Zako C - A young lady with the same moves as Sharon in edit mode or credits bonus game.


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