Apprentice Alley is a stage in Street Fighter V located in India. It was first seen in Dhalsim's reveal trailer. Several people watch the fight, including Sally and Datta in the center of the stage.


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The Eternal GangaEdit

In the left corner of the stage, there is a poster of an Indian-made film titled The Eternal Ganga (アジョワンの涙 Ajowan no Namida?, "Tears of Ajowan"), starred by Kamal Ali and Tia Sharma. It is Mahesh's favorite film, which made him cry due to its sad story.[1][2] Lilly is working on the production of its sequel.[3]

In Street Fighter V's April Fools page, it has a DVD release and is said to be a big hit from Bollywood. Initially directed by Zen, it took 18 years to conceive the film, and its filming took 20 years.

Gallery Edit


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