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Axl artwork from Final Fight CD.

Slash ff1

Screenshot of Slash in Final Fight.

Axl (アクセル Akuseru?) and Slash are characters from the Final Fight series where they are members of the Mad Gear Gang and are two of Rolento's subordinates. The two are common enemies fought in Final Fight, and are palette swaps of each other.



Axl is tall with long blond hair and wears leathers with a red embroidered bandanna on his forehead. Axl strongly resembles a muscular version of Axl Rose, of Guns N' Roses fame. Slash is similar, but is African American with afro-textured hair.

Axl (and presumably Slash) is 6'4" (193cm) and weighs 241 lbs (90kg).


Not much is known about their individual personalities, but according to his Capcom Classics Collection and SFC manual profile, Axl loves motorcycles and tearing through the streets with his friends. His newest prize is a made-in-Japan Tekko Twin Ryo (テッコツインリョー?).

Fighting styleEdit

They are straightforward fighters who deliver basic punch attacks. What sets them apart is the ability to block, which no one in the Mad Gear Gang in the original Final Fight can do - not even bosses. Axl and Slash are known to do almost as much damage as most bosses (except for Sodom, Edi. E, Abigail and Belger).


  • Axl and his palette swap Slash are based on the two main members of the original rock band Guns N' Roses, also named Axl and Slash. While the group enjoys fame for their work, Axl himself is a polarizing figure in both the music world and public life, as he once was a juvenile delinquent, accidentally painted himself as extremely discriminatory with the song "One in a Million" and with records of him screaming at homosexuals out in the streets of L.A., was documented to have explosive fits of rage where he would destroy parts of his own home, and was extremely combative and headstrong at certain times in the prime of Gn'R.
  • Axl appears twice in the Street Fighter Alpha series: once in Street Fighter Alpha 2 in the background of Guy's Metro City stage, and again in Street Fighter Alpha 3 in the background of Guy's Overhead under 22nd Street stage.
  • Axl also makes a cameo in the Final Fight themed stage Mad Gear Hideout, punching the drums with his fists along with Damnd.



Axl (FF) Model Slash (FF) Model

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