The Backstep Roll (バックステップローリング Bakkusuteppu Rooringu?, "Backstep Rolling") is one of Blanka's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter II.

All appearances Arcade Stick CBArcade Stick Right + Arcade Button Kick


Backstep Roll

Backstep Roll, as seen in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival.

Executed by charging backward then pressing forward and kick, Blanka backflips backwards and then rapidly somersaults in a high arc forward.

The height and distance of the somersault are determined by the kick button pressed: light kick version performs the smallest jump; heavy kick version performs the biggest; and medium kick version "balances" in between them.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV not only executes faster but also allows the player to control Blanka's jumping arc and landing spot.    


Due to its arc pattern, this move is somewhat good for avoiding horizontal projectiles. If Blanka hits the opponent, they will be sent flying while Blanka bounces off of them to a safe distance; this bounce to safety occurs even if the attack is blocked, making the move a relatively safe tactic from a distance. However, Blanka is vulnerable during the backflip, and so the move is not usually a good idea at close range. Finally, because of the height of the attack, the move has considerable crossup potential, particularly the EX Backstep Roll.




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