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A popular and memorable Street Fighter character, Balrog has been referenced many times in pop culture ever since his introduction in Street Fighter II. This is a page listing his references in general pop culture.

Street Fighter Edit

Capcom games Edit

Other video games Edit

  • T.J. Combo from Killer Instinct has a similar moveset, physical appearance and fighting style to Balrog, but he throws knees and kicks while Balrog does not.

Comics and Manga Edit

  • The manga Osu!! Karate Bu features a protagonist with a similar hairstyle. Since the series started before Street Fighter II was released, it might be possible Balrog's hair was based on Takagi Yoshiyuki's.[citation needed]

Television and Animations Edit

Movies Edit

  • Balrog resembles James "Clubber" Lang from the Rocky film series. Both sport blue and white trunks and unorthodox hairstyles for boxers. They also share a belligerent attitude and similar aggressive boxing style, though Balrog incorporates more cheating and Lang uses cleaner tactics.

Internet Edit

  • The fact that Balrog only uses punches is referenced in College Humor's parody work, Street Fighter: The Later Years. When Dhalsim asks; "Do you kick?", Balrog responds; "What's a kick?".

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