Battle Harbor as it appears in Street Fighter II.

Battle Harbor (バトルハーバー?) is an harbor located in the United States of America. It serves as Ken's home stage.


In Street Fighter II, Ken's stage is in the Battle Harbor, a place known for having street fights near every day.[1] Several people watch the battle from a ship.

Other appearancesEdit


Ken's theme plays on the Battle Harbor stage.



  • The car breaking Bonus Stage uses the same graphics from the Battle Harbor.
  • In Street Fighter II, when Ken is selected as an opponent, the map shows this stage to be somewhere near Detroit, MI. This is further supported by the fact that in the Street Fighter II instruction manual, it states that this stage is somewhere near a "large lake" and that Detroit sits on Lake Huron.
    • Other media has placed this stage in other locations in the US such as San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, and even New York City.


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