For the enemy character from the original Final Fight, see Billy and Sid.
Billy (FF3)

Artwork of Billy

Billy and Ray are Final Fight characters who first and so far only appeared in Final Fight 3 (Final Fight Tough in Japan). They are some of the minor enemy characters the players face. There is little detail about their storylines, if any.


Billy and Ray are slim body thugs who both wear hand wraps and pants that they hold up with suspenders. Billy has a mohawk, and Ray has spiked hair and wears a headband that matches with his pants.

Fighting styleEdit

Billy and Ray fight like boxers, attacking only with their fists. Their favorite combo is two jabs followed by an uppercut. Although they are rather weak, they like to strike enemies from behind and can be annoying when teamed up with other thugs.


Billy (FF3) Model Ray (FF3) Model Billy (FF3) Animated

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