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Blair Dame BlairDameSFEX
Blair Dame as she appear in the original Street Fighter EX.
Blair Dame
Birthplace 800px-Flag of Europe svg Europe
Eye color Green
Hair color Blue
Likes her bodyguard Cracker Jack, her old friend Pullum
Dislikes Losing
First game Street Fighter EX
Japanese voice actor(s) Hikari Tachibana

Blair Dame (ブレア・デイム Burea Deimu?) is a character who appears exclusively in the Street Fighter EX series developed by Arika. She was originally in the arcade version of the original game as a hidden character.


The daughter of a wealthy multi-millionaire family in Europe, Blair was gifted with a specialized education when she was young, in which she was taught a variety of formal etiquette and studies. However, in spite of her luxury Blair also applied herself to a rigorous martial art training, feeling that one day she might need not only to protect herself, but also her loved ones. One day, Blair was invited by an acquaintance to travel the world. Blair's mother gave her permission to travel the world, under the condition that she would be accompanied by her bodyguard, so she hired Cracker Jack to watch over Blair.

Other appearencesEdit

Blair also appeared in the Arika-developed non-Capcom fighting game Fighting Layer along with Allen Snider.


  • Like her old friend, Pullum, she has a bodyguard. Cracker Jack is Blair's bodyguard and Pullum's is Darun.
  • Blair shares some similarities with Karin, being a rich girl who hates to lose anything, even some of their moves work the same way.

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