Blood Wrestling Association (BWA) is a dark underground wrestling organization who emerged to take advantage of the CWA’s period of disarray after its owner and top draw Victor Ortega left. BWA first appeared in the Slam Masters series, which is also part of the Street Fighter series alongside the Final Fight series.


Slam Masters seriesEdit

After Ortega’s disappearance, the BWA decided to take part in CWA’s world tour called the "Crash Carnival" to decide the new leader of the CWA in a tournament.

After the tournament, Victor Ortega shows up and challenges the winner, leading to another tournament to decide the leader of CWA. It is unknown who won the tournaments.

Known membersEdit


  • Jumbo Flapjack (キマラ・ザ・バウンサー Kimala the Bouncer?) - A former bouncer turned wrestler from Chicago, Illinois who can spray fire or poison from his mouth.
  • Rip Saber (リップ・セイバー?) - A military theme wrestler from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He treats every match like a life or death situation and uses hardcore a trench novel and grenades in battle.
  • The Scorpion (アストロ Astro?) - The leader of the BWA and a high flying masked wrestler of great ability,
  • The Wraith (ザ・レイス?) - More demon than man, this supernatural grappler hails from New Delhi, India. He fight opponents with his long fingernails and his many hidden snakes,

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