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Bloody Hokuto (血の封印を解かれたほくと Chi no Fūin o Tokareta Hokuto?, "Hokuto with Seal of Blood Broken") is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter EX Plus. This is the form Hokuto takes if the Seal of Blood (血の封印 Chi no Fūin?) implanted within her is unleashed.



Her outfit is that of a kyudo practitioner's uniform, being a pair of black hakama and white tabi, with a black lacquered muneate breastplate tied with white laces, over a dark gray hakamashita like gi. On the left hand she wears a brown leather glove which covers entirely thumb, index and middle fingers but leaves completely uncovered ring and pinky fingers up to the major knuckles. This glove is secured to the wrist with a dark brown strap. She wears her forelocks up with a balck headband, that prominently displays her forehead. On her forehead, immediately below this headband, can be glimpsed a red emblem with a "vi" letter shape reminding a scar. Her long raven hair is let down. Her skin is very pale.

In Street Fighter V, Her gi is purple and she no longer have a muneate breastplate. She maintains her black hakama and a white tabi from her original outfit. Her white headband has the "vi" letter.



Street Fighter EX plus Edit

Unknown to Hokuto, her true purpose of her mission to locate Kairi was to carry out his elimination. To ensure this, Hokuto was implanted with the Seal of Blood (血の封印 Chi no Fūin?) by the elders of the Mizukami clan, which was set to be unleashed whenever Hokuto would come into contact with Kairi. Bloody Hokuto can be distinguished from her regular counterpart by the red mark on her forehead.

Street Fighter EX plus α Edit

Bloody Hokuto's ending in Street Fighter EX plus α depicts her gazing at a Blood Moon Eclipse, standing on the roof of a bell hall near a sea cliff. Below the hall lies the defeated bodies of Ryu, Dhalsim, Ken, Akuma and Chun-Li.


After being absent in Street Fighter EX2, Bloody Hokuto returned for Street Fighter EX3, acting as a super combo transformation for regular Hokuto.


  • In her ending in Street Fighter EX plus α, all the defeated bodies lying on the ground, probably due to a fight against Bloody Hokuto herself resulting higher, belong to Capcom characters and no one to Arika ones. It could possibly point out Hokuto's role of first lady in the Street Fighter EX series who can face up to Capcom characters' glory.



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