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Break Time Arcade-Button-MPunch + Arcade-Button-MKick
Banana Time Arcade Stick Left + Arcade-Button-MPunch + Arcade-Button-MKick
Drink Time Arcade-Stick-Down + Arcade-Button-MPunch + Arcade-Button-MKick

The Break Time (ブレイクタイム Bureiku Taimu?) is Birdie's V-Skill in Street Fighter V.[1]

There are three variants of Break Time that can be used by the player.

Break Time is activated with Arcade-Button-MPunch + Arcade-Button-MKick. Birdie grabs a frosted donut and eats it, filling some of his V-Gauge.

Banana Time is activated with Arcade Stick Left + Arcade-Button-MPunch + Arcade-Button-MKick, causing Birdie to eat a banana and throw the peel on the floor. It is possible for the opponent to slip on the banana peel, which does a small amount of damage and allows Birdie to follow up for more damage.

Drink Time is activated with Arcade-Stick-Down + Arcade-Button-MPunch + Arcade-Button-MKick. Birdie whips out a can of Devil Calorie soda, drinks the entire can and throws it on the floor, causing it to roll towards the opponent. Similar to the banana peel, it is possible for the opponent to trip over the can, creating an opening for Birdie to attack.

Tactics Edit

It is not advised to use the move while directly in front of the opponent, as its slow startup leaves Birdie vulnerable to counter-attacks; it is best used when the opponent is either far away from Birdie or knocked down.

References Edit


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