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Bred (ブレッド Bureddo?) is a character from the Final Fight series and a member of the Mad Gear Gang. He is a common enemy fought in Final Fight. The enemies Dug, Jake and Simons are each palette swaps of him.

Bred also appears in the Car Crusher Bonus Stage from the Street Fighter IV series (except the 3DS version) when the player completely destroys the car with Guy, Cody, Hugo, Poison or Rolento.



Bred exemplifies the look of a common Mad Gear henchman, wearing grey (light brown in his artwork) overalls and brown boots, along with fingerless gloves. He has brown hair, but is depicted as being blond in some artwork.

In his artwork for Street Fighter V, Bred's overalls are now black, his gloves are red, and his boots are gold.


Bred, nicknamed "Pol-chan" (ポルちゃん?) by his friends, is described as a nice person who seems to have been doomed since birth to constantly find himself surrounded by trouble. Bred is described as having a good disposition towards juniors, often going to eat with the other Mad Gear members in one of Metro City's various diners. He loves his car and often polishes it, but much to his misfortune, it is frequently destroyed.[2]

Fighting styleEdit

Bred is straightforward fighter who delivers basic punch attacks. He isn't very strong, but make up for it by attacking in groups. Bred and his pallette swaps have a different health gauge, from lowest to highest: Bred, Dug, Jake, Simons.

Story Edit

Background Edit

Bred is said to have been born under an unlucky astrological sign, causing him to be prone to various troubles, most notably having his car repeatedly destroyed. Despite this, he doesn't believe in fortune-telling.[1]

Final Fight Edit

Bred appears as the most common enemy in Final Fight, working under Belger in his attempt to threaten Mayor Haggar by kidnapping his daughter in order to regain his control over Metro City.


  • In the Arcade version of Final Fight, as well as the Japanese console versions, Bred said "Oh! My god" when he saw his destroyed car. In the international SNES version, this line was changed to "Oh! My car".[3] In Super Street Fighter IV, he always says "Oh! My car", due to there being only one language track for non-playable characters.
  • According to Bred's Street Fighter V profile, his favorite item on the diner menu is waffles.[1]



Bred (FF) Model


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