The Bustling Side Street is a stage in Street Fighter V. The battle takes place in the middle of a Chinese city on a busy city street sidewalk outside of a restaurant. It was the first stage used when the game was originally revealed, and the first to use special "knockout zones", described below.


The left and right edges of the stage can cause special cinematic knockouts if the final blow is landed at the corners. On the right side, the opponent will be thrown into a double-decker bus, which drives off with them inside during the victory sequence; on the left, they will be thrown through the door into the restaurant.

If the left side zone is triggered on a non-deciding round, the match will continue within the restaurant. If the next knockout happens on the left corner when inside the restaurant, the victim will be thrown into the kitchen and a bowl of noodles will land on their head. Should another round begin afterwards, the opponent will start the round with the bowl on their head, which can be knocked off during the fight.


  • The music for the 2nd round in both the Alpha and the Beta have differences. The alpha had 2 versions in the game, while the beta had 3 versions for each round.[citation needed]

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