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Canceling is a gameplay mechanic common in fighting games, including the Street Fighter series.


A cancel is the act of interrupting (or canceling) the animation of an attack. Cancels are mostly used to set up combos; usually, a normal or special attack is canceled into another special attack. Cancels can often open up opportunities for combos that would normally be impossible otherwise.

Canceling is performed by attacking; while the attack is performed, the player must input the next attack. If done quickly enough, the character will stop, or cancel, their current attack and perform the input attack.


Canceling is possible in all games since Street Fighter II; as with combos, they were an exploit discovered by players and were later introduced as an actual gameplay mechanic.

Different types of cancels are possible, depending on the game and its mechanics.

Super CancelingEdit

Since the Street Fighter III series, it is possible for players to cancel a normal or special attack into a Super Art or Super Combo.

Focus Attack CancelingEdit

In the Street Fighter IV games, players can cancel certain moves into a Focus Attack, and can also cancel the Focus Attack by dashing.

Super Charge CancelingEdit

In Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Charging can be interrupted in a similar manner to the Focus Attack.

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