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Cannon Revenge (キャノンリベンジ, Kyanon Ribenji) is one of Cammy's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3. It can only be used with the V-ISM style, and is a counter attack.

Input Edit

Arcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Punch

Description Edit

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Executed by pressing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing punch, Cammy performs her taunt "C'mon!" and wraps both her arms around in a defensive stance. If an enemy attack comes into contact at this point, Cammy blocks the attack and performs a Cannon Spike as a counter. Unlike Karin's Yasha Gaeshi which is straightforward to use, Cannon Revenge has a long sequence of frames which make it difficult to time against an enemy move, similar to Sodom's Tengu Walk.

X-Men vs. Street Fighter Edit

Executed by pressing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing punch, this attack returns with Cammy, applying a Cannon Spike with Psycho Power to the opponent.

Tactics Edit

Like the other counters, Cannon Revenge can be used to escape the opponent's pressure.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Cannon Revenge only appears in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, afterwards it never appeared in other games again.

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