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This is a list of quotes used by Cody.

Final Fight RevengeEdit

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Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

  • "I've saved the city, saved the girl, but couldn't save myself."
  • "After waiting so long, it feels good to do more than two moves!"
  • "The world is full of bad guys! I have so much work ahead of me!"
  • "I don't care if you're human, beast or car! I'll take you on!"
  • "I've got a lot of time on my hands. How about a rematch?"
  • "C'mon! Stand up! Don't let me down!"
  • "With so much riding on my fists, this will not be my final fight!"
  • "Just remember! This could happen to you again! And again!!"

Rival DialoguesEdit

Vs BirdieEdit

Birdie: "Hey! You used to be known for your strength around here, huh? But now, ya miserable! I guess life can be unpredictable!"

Cody: "Yeah, seeing that I have a date with a crazy guy like you today! It looks like I'm out of luck. But it's gonna be your loss!"

Birdie: "I'll make today the worst day of your life!"

Vs GuyEdit


Guy: "I don't like to interfere in the lives of others. Everything should be left as is, but I want to ask you one thing. Cody... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?"

Cody: "This way of life is simply who I am. Can't you understand that? Or would you rather hear the sad, sad story of an EX-hero?"

Guy: "That's enough... Now, it's time to fight!"

Cody: "Ha! I expected you to say that! I'm ready... GO FOR IT!"


Cody: "And now, this is the result... Things never change..."

Guy: "I don't see why you can't do positive things with such skill."

Cody: "Life was peaceful for awhile, but I kept fighting anyway. Saying "I can't live in peace" would've been an easy excuse. I had no excuse, and could not bear to live any other way."

Guy: "Where are you going?"

Cody: "To the underworld or to heaven, I don't know. Nobody knows..."

Vs M. BisonEdit

M. Bison: "Hmm... What does the former hero of Metro City want with me? If you want to join Shadaloo, show me your strength..."

Cody: "I'm not interested in such petty things. The only thing I want to do is to kick your butt! Prepare yourself... Defeat will soon have a new best friend!"

M. Bison: "Hmm... I accept your challenge. Let's see what you've got... I wonder if you'll still be confident in about 10 seconds..."

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Super Street Fighter IVEdit


"Don't get your panties in a bunch. You'll see me again soon enough. I figured that riddin' the city of the Mad Gear would make everybody happy. Not just me - all of us. But this is my reward, huh? Everyone else goes on to live the high life and I get left behind in a prison cell. A city where no one has to fight... A city free from violence... A city without fear... Pfft! Yeah, gimme a break! I thought I was fightin' for peace in this city. Look where it got me. What a drag, man. Wouldja look at that. Huh... Well, I'll be damned... Looks like we're in for a reunion. Maybe this won't be so boring after all."

Rival DialogueEdit


Guy: "So, you're going after S.I.N., are you? Tell me why."

Cody: "Look, I don't need a reason."

Guy: "Seth is an evil man who brings chaos to this world. Cody, tell me you'll fight him alongside me."

Cody: "Huh... Sorry, Guy. It's like I told you. I fight by myself nowadays."

Beginning of the fight Edit

Guy: "I can force to do it for you anything."

Cody: "Sorry but I am not done it for you."

During Rival Fight Edit

  • "Face it, I’m better as street fighting." (First hit)
  • "You, stay away from me." (When Guy is hit with a focus attack)
  • "Getting tired of this."
  • "No choice." (When Cody's Ultra Combo Bar is ready)
  • "Whatcha waiting for?" (When during the fight no hit after 5 second)
  • "This feels familiar, don’t it?" (When Guy is defeated with a special attack)
  • "You like that?" (When Guy is hit after focus attack)
  • "I learned this in prison." (When Guy is hit after focus attack)
  • "You can't go again." (When Guy is stunning)
  • "Let’s finish this already." (When the Guy power is running low)
  • "Let’s wrap this up." (When Cody activating an Ultra Combo)
  • "Sorry Guy. Anyone want to myself now." (When Guy is defeated with an Ultra Combo)


Cody: "Not you again..."
Guy: "The world is simply what it is. This is from the teachings of Bushin-ryu. Somehow, you rail against this teaching without even knowing it. Cody, you have vanquished a great evil. I believe this means that you must still hold some shred of goodness in your heart. I know that in your soul, there remains a disdain for those who seek destruction."
Cody: "Nah, he was just in my way, that's all. I took him down 'cuz he was botherin' me."
Guy: "Then I take it you have no intention of returning."
Cody: "Returning? Yeah, I'll return, all right. To my cell. That's where I belong."


  • "Well now, let's see if we can't do something about my boredom."


  • "Aw, come on, man! Let's do this for real!"
  • "Looks like I'll be easy on you next time."
  • "Geez... You suck, man!"

Personal ActionEdit

  • "You ready to start fightin' for real?"
  • "You always fight like this?"
  • "You finished practicin' now?"
  • "You can do better than that!"
  • "Uhh... I'm ready for a nap."
  • "Hey! Let's do this for real!"
  • "You are fightin' way outta your league."
  • "Makin' me sleepy."
  • "Hey! Bring it already!"
  • "You're borin' the crap outta me."

Win QuotesEdit

Vs. ModeEdit

  • "You sure you wanna be goin' around startin' fights with guys like me?"
  • "I've got time. You up for a rematch?"
  • "The only thing that doesn't change is the excitement of the fight."
  • "I prefer my fights quick an' easy."
  • "This is gettin' boring. Maybe I oughta head home."
  • "A fighter that goes down that easy ain't worth a thing. Beat it!"
  • "Let's get this over with."
  • "If I'da known it'd be this boring on the outside, I'da stayed in prison."
  • "Fighting like this brings back lots of memories."
  • "I don't need a reason. I just like to fight."
  • "*sigh*"

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "Families are overrated, man. They're more hassle than they're worth."
  • "I thought you were s'posed to be way stronger than that. What happened?"
  • "I ain't about to get beat by a classless chump like you! No way, no how!"
  • "I ain't here to fight animals. Just buzz off an' I'll leave ya alone."
  • "I thought you'd be a pushover, but you pulled off some impressive moves."
  • "I'm tellin' ya lady, I ain't who you think I am. He died a long time ago."
  • "Calm down, lady. I ain't your target."
  • "You're all talk, man! Anyone ever tell you that before?"
  • "If you fight this bad, I'd hate to hear your music!"
  • "If your god is real, couldn't he just make it rain on your village?"
  • "Take a chill pill, man. You're givin' me a headache."
  • "Not interested in whatever it is you're sellin', fat boy. Beat it."
  • "Nice moves, but too flashy. You'd get eaten alive in Metro City, man."
  • "Watch out for karma, man. Things have a funny way of workin' themselves out..."
  • "Sorry, pal, but I'm sick of takin' advice from my elders. Beat it."
  • "Sometimes, justice don't prevail. You already knew that, right?"
  • "Look, man. People change. I've changed. You've changed. That's the way it is."
  • "What would you do if you had to fight a smoker? Wouldn't you catch fire?"
  • "If you wanna fight, come at me for real. I ain't interested in kids' games."
  • "Overcoming rivals? Taking care of your family? That's all lost on me, man."
  • "I don't consider myself a good guy anymore, but I had to take you down!"
  • "Not bad, but you need to deviate from the textbook if you really wanna win."
  • "Haha, getting into a scrap with a dude like you makes this world worth living in!"
  • "If you can change the future, what's the point of seeing it?"
  • "Fightin's done with fists, not words. Learn to keep your mouth shut!"
  • "Not bad for a wannabe. In a few more years, you'll be a real contender."
  • "Next time you wanna take me on, dial back the weirdness a bit, will ya?"
  • "Don't let me stand in your way if you got stuff to do. Good luck!"
  • "I'm sick of your mouth, man. Get away from me before I start punchin' again!"
  • "I don't need a reason to fight, pal. I just do it cause I love it."
  • "I ain't looking to scrap with some punk kid. Get outta my face!"
  • "I'm used to beatin' up big guys like you. You leave yourself wide open!"

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "You rely on your blade too much. There's an art to stuff like this y'know?"
  • "Dancing? Friends? Not my style, kid. Feel free to fight me again any time, though."
  • "Hitting you reminds me of old times... Bah! Can't let myself get nostalgic."
  • "Look sister, for the last time, I'm not joining you!"

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Character SelectEdit

  • "Eh, what the hell."


  • "Man, what a drag... Why can't ya leave me alone?"
  • "Right! Time for me to fight!" - with Guy


Pandora ModeEdit

Pandora ActivationEdit

  • "Amazing!"

Pandora SacrificeEdit

  • "Aw, man!"


  • "(yawns) Boring."
  • "Hey you, get serious already."

Win QuotesEdit

Versus modeEdit

Street FighterEdit

  • "I dunno why you're so hung up on the past. It's over man."
  • "Was that all you got? Heh. Not even a warm up."
  • "Not a bad way to kill some time I guess."
  • "You're a lot better than you look, sister."
  • "Get off my case already, if it'll shut you up. I'll go back to my cell if I feel like it."
  • "That was a pretty good scrap. If you're gonna fight, you gotta be serious about it."
  • "Whoever believes can be saved, huh... Sure sounds nice."
  • "Fighting is all about winnin' or losin'. Tryin' to stick to rules would get you killed on the streets, man."
  • "I'm not interested in kids games. And I don't wanna be your friend either."
  • "Justice... Revenge... Don't need to get caught up in that crap. Don'cha think so?"
  • "What happened, man? You got pretty weak. What've you been doin' all this time?"
  • "Did ya think you could win on just size alone? Guess again, pal."
  • "Aren't you s'posed to be a ninja? Your attacks are too straightforward. Coulda dodged with my eyes closed."
  • "Don't get to enjoy fights where the other guy is just tryin' to kill you, often. Thanks."
  • "Man, after all that talk I thought you'd put up a better fight. What a joke."
  • "I don't give a crap about your plans. I just didn't like your face."
  • "That fight almost put me to sleep. What have you been doin' all this time?"
  • "I don't know any Ken Masters, so get lost. You're buggin' the crap outta me."
  • "Lighten up, man. Ain't no such thing as meaning in a fight. It's just fun."
  • "Finally, a guy who I can really scrap with. Feels good to go all out."
  • "You gotta come at me like you wanna kill me. Anything less is jus' boring."
  • "What're you looking at? You're down on the ground like that 'cause you're weak. That's all."
  • "I don't care about the love of your country. Just, if you get in my way, you're gonna get hurt."


  • "I've seen a lot of crazy stuff over the years, but you're pretty high up on the scale."
  • "If you're gonna pick a fight, at least bring the noise. That was boring."
  • "Tone it down, man. And stay away from me. Not interested in your nonsense."
  • "You get it. You gotta come at me like you wanna kill me. That was a good way to kill time."
  • "I'm jus' interested in fightin'. Nothin' else."
  • "It took an old man to finally bring some noise. What's this world comin' to..."
  • "No such thing as gettin' cold feet in a fight. That's a buncha crap."
  • "Fighting machines is borin'. Too predictable. All I can do is try an' rack up a high score."
  • "You need to learn how to jus' say "screw it". Take a load off your shoulders."
  • "Not bad, sister. Not bad at all. Stand up and we can scrap again."
  • "Devil Gene? There's still people who believe in that kinda stuff?"
  • "Takes more than just guts to win a scrap. It's all or nothin'."
  • "I admire your guts for challengin' me, at least."
  • "I know I'm not the one to talk, but that sure is a funny lookin' getup you're wearin'."
  • "You can't be finished already, right? Tell me you got some other tricks up your sleeve."
  • "You're better than a corrupt cop, but you know the do-gooders die young, right?"
  • "I'm tired of fightin' guys like you who think they can win on strength alone. Get lost."
  • "Chill, girl. What could an assassin want with me?"
  • "Now that's a real fight! It's about freakin' time..."
  • "Shadow clones? Whatever. Make as many as you want. I'll just clobber them all."
  • "Those punches could stop a mosquito, maybe. C'mon man, get serious."
  • "You think that little toy would scare me? Please. I've dealt with bigger an' better."


  • "For a guy who is his own battery, that was weak. You need to come at me with more."
  • "Not bad, but you’re still just a cat."
  • "I'm used to fightin' guys with guns. You gotta do better than that."
  • "I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before… don’t remember where though."
  • "Even cats can put up a good fight from time to time."

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