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The Condor Dive (コンドルダイブ Kondoru Daibu?), also known as Diving Hawk, is one of T. Hawk's special attacks, introduced along with him in Super Street Fighter II.

All appearances Arcade Modifier Air Arcade Button Punch x3 (Arcade Modifier Air Arcade Button Kick x3 for EX Special version)


Condor Dive

Condor Dive hitting El Fuerte in Super Street Fighter IV.

Executed by pressing all three punch buttons at the highest point of a jump, T. Hawk quickly pauses in mid-air and dives diagonally towards the ground with his arms spread backwards like wings. This move can only be performed on the way UP during a jump; once T. Hawk reaches the apex of the jump and starts coming down, the move cannot be performed. In Super Street Fighter IV, the move has armor-breaking properties and an accompanying eagle screech background sound effect.

The EX Special version introduced in the same game (executed by pressing all three kick buttons while in air) deals nearly double the damage, travels down much faster and has no startup time, but can only be performed immediately after an EX Tomahawk Buster.


In the Arcade Edition update, performing the EX Tomahawk Buster is no longer mandatory to perform the EX Condor Dive, but the chaining still exists as being now optional. This was likely done as a method for rebalancing T. Hawk's moveset. The move has also gained two additional properties: it goes through projectiles and is performable at anytime while airborne.


Condor Dive is an extremely good move for punishing normal projectiles, and is good for closing distance after a mid-screen Mexican Typhoon. The move can also be done close to the ground to punish slow-recovering low attacks and disrupt Focus Attacks.

Unfortunately, this move does not have great priority and can be punished easily if blocked by many characters, particularly those with anti-air attacks.

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