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Coward Crouch is one of Blanka's unique attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter IV series.

Description Edit

Executed by pressing down and all three punch buttons, Blanka will assume a prone position and place his hands on his head. Most projectiles will pass right over him during this move.

Updates Edit

OMEGA Mode added an EX Special version (down+heavy punch+heavy kick) and two follow-ups: Wild Lift and Raid Jump.

Wild Lift is executed by pressing any punch button during Coward Crouch. Blanka will sweep his hands in an upward motion, launching the opponent into the air. It can combo into Vertical Roll.

Raid Jump is executed by pressing any kick button during Coward Crouch and causes Blanka to simply jump forward. This can be used to bait the opponent into a counter and quickly dodge it, following up with an aerial attack.

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