"Nobody can stop my fists!"
—Jack (Street Fighter EX)

Cracker Jack (クラッカー・ジャック Kurakkā Jakku?), also known as C. Jack or just Jack, is a video game character from the Street Fighter EX series, first appearing in Street Fighter EX. He is a bouncer turned bodyguard, currently employed by the family of Blair Dame.



Cracker Jack has shoulder length dark brown hair in a wavy style. His eyes are concealed by his hat.

In Street Fighter EX, Cracker Jack wears a white sleeveless (short sleeves in-game) openly button shirt with a long red neck tie on the collar and a brown shoulder holster, blue pants with a white belt on his waist, white socks and black shoes. He also wears brown gloves and a blue fedora hat.

In his alternate appearance, he wears a black formal vest with a red long sleeve button shirt with a long white neck tie on the collar, black formal pants with a white belt on his waist and white shoes. His fedora hat is black with red linings while his hair is black and he fights barehanded.

In Street Fighter EX2, he wears a white formal suit jacket with the sleeves folded into cuffs and a flower on the left side of his jacket, his button shirt is brown (black in-game), no longer sleeveless and also folded into cuffs to match his jacket. He has white suspenders beneath his jacket. His pants are white, his shoes are brown and his fedora hat is pink with black linings. He doesn't wear a tie but wears a silver watch on his left wrist and a single brown fingerless glove on his right hand.

In Street Fighter EX3, his button shirt is pink and he wears black gloves again and has a ring with a red gem in the center.

In his Shadaloo C.R.I. profile art, his button shirt is maroon, he wears dark fingerless gloves, dark shoes and gold bracelets in each side of his wrist, his hat is white with maroon linings and his brown belt has a gold square buckle at the center.

In Fighting EX Layer, Cracker Jack's outfit has a western cowboy design; he wears a white cowboy hat with black linings in place of his fedora hat, a white western formal vest with a black short sleeved openly button shirt and a large collar, white pants with a brown belt, matching brown chaps in each sides and brown shoes with spurs. He now wears a red tie with white designs on his neck and his black gloves from Street Fighter EX3. He is also equipped with brass knuckles in both of his fists. Beneath his cowboy hat, Cracker Jack has fringes in each sides to cover his eyes and has rope which is holstered on his right.



Cracker Jack's appearance is based on manga character Daisuke Jigen from the famous Lupin III manga series. Additionally, C. Jack's Japanese voice actor, Banjō Ginga, voiced Daisuke in "Plot of the Fuma Clan" in the Lupin III anime.

During the development of the original Street Fighter EX game, he wore a green outfit with a red tie, and a green and red hat. [2]



Jack was once a powerful bouncer from Las Vegas who was known for his unstoppable fists. He was the top member of the bodyguard group known as the "Crackers", but left to live his life freely, as well as to finish a fight with his rival. When a certain criminal organization decides to go after Jack for unknown reasons, he decides to elude them by becoming the bodyguard of Blair Dame, the daughter of a wealthy European family, when she decided to travel the world.

Jack disappeared after the trip was over, only to reemerge when an underground fighter named King Bharat kidnapped his younger sister. Jack defeated Bharat and rescued his sister, only to be pursued again by the organization he was eluding. Eventually he was forced to go to Blair's mansion to hide there for a while.

Street Fighter EX seriesEdit

Endings Edit

Street Fighter EXEdit

The Power Fighter Cracker Jack vanished from this world for a while after the fight was over. Nobody knew what became of him or where did he went. All that was a certain was that he would return, along with his fists of great strenght. "Nobody can stop my fists!"

Street Fighter EX Plus αEdit

"Nobody can stop my fists!" The Power Fighter Cracker Jack vanished from this world for a while after the fight was over. Nobody knew what became of him or where did he went. All that was a certain was that he would return, along with his fists of great strenght.

Street Fighter EX3Edit

In his Street Fighter EX3 ending, both his fans and the organization attempt to track him down, causing Jack to go into hiding. He ends up making his way to Blair's house, and requests to stay at her place for a while.

Fighting EX LayerEdit


Cracker Jack in Fighting EX Layer

Cracker Jack appears as one of the playable characters in Fighting EX Layer.

In order to protect the honor of his boss, Jack silently withdrew from the Organization and left in America while currently in hiding at the ranch. After learning about Vulcano Rosso who is searching for him, Jack begins to suspect the Organization's actions for hitting on him, he prepares for the worst. Unaware to Jack, Rosso already graduate from the organization to start his new life as a detective, then being hired by Blair to find Jack before the organization does.

Gameplay Edit

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Cracker Jack's fighting style is similar to Balrog's (even sharing some of the same moves in command and name), though he can kick and also wields a baseball bat where he could deflect projectiles by swinging his bat in a greater distance especially he uses this as a close range weapon to beat opponents as one of his Super Combos. His Meteor Combo has him to make a devastating kick to his opponent while swinging his baseball bat to his airborne opponent in a massive damage.

In Fighting EX Layer, he retains most of his moves in Street Fighter EX series and became fast and agile who can easily combo his opponent.

Stage ThemesEdit


  • In the US manual for Street Fighter EX+ Alpha, Cracker Jack is stated to be a Shadaloo enforcer who preferred working alone. He acts as a drill sergeant (a duty he takes offense to) and teaches inexperienced grunts how to deal with pain and recover from serious injuries. This storyline was not present in the Japanese version, and subsequent American releases of the game use his original storyline.
  • Birdie's story in Street Fighter V is similar to Jack's in the Street Fighter EX games; an ex enforcer for Shadaloo, fleeing the organization to a billionaires daughter (in Birdie's case, Karin) and becoming her bodyguard in return for protection.
  • Jack's hometown could possibly be in Texas due to his western cowboy appearance, however this is only a stereotypical guess.

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