Critical Arts (クリティカルアーツ Kuritikaru Ātsu?) are special attacks introduced in Street Fighter V. Critical Arts are similar in usage and requirements to Super Combos, providing an attack that deals a large amount of damage while also requiring and emptying a full Critical Gauge. Critical Arts are the only moves that can KO a blocking opponent via chip damage.

Ryu, Guile and Necalli have Critical Arts that change in appearance and/or properties when their respective V-Triggers are in effect. Akuma also has a second Critical Art, only available during his V-Trigger.

Critical ArtsEdit

Character Critical Art
Abigail Abigail Special: Abigail swipes at his opponent with an overhand slap, and then shoves their head into the ceiling. He proceeds to repeatedly punch them as if they were a speed bag, and then tops off the move with a brutal smack that sends the opponent flying face-first into the camera, shattering the screen in the process.
Akuma Sekia Kuretsuha: Akuma channels an incredible amount of ki into his palm and drives it into the ground, striking the opponent with an exploding pillar of fierce energy.
Shun Goku Satsu: With Dohatsu Shoten activated, Akuma will pummel his opponent with a brutal high-speed barrage, leaving them incapacitated while Akuma stands over them with the kanji 神人 glowing on the back of his gi. This is his most infamous attack.
Alex Heavy Hammer: Alex knocks his opponent with a powerful Flash Chop followed by a Power Bomb, then he grabs them and takes them to the highest height in a crucifix hold and viciously drops their heads down to the ground in a quick pace.
Balrog Gigaton Blow: Balrog hold his left or right arm, as it grows, and then delivers a powerful straight punch, launching the opponent upwards.
Birdie Skip To My Chain: Birdie lunges forward and attempts to strike the opponent with a headbutt. If successful, he wraps his foe in his chains and performs two "jump-ropes" with them, smiling, before winding up and slamming them headfirst into the ground.
Cammy Cross Stinger Assault: Cammy leaps backwards into the air and performs a Cannon Strike. If successful, Cammy launches the opponent into the air and strikes them with several aerial kicks, finishing with a multi-hitting Spiral Arrow.
Chun-Li Hoyokusen: Chun-Li lunges at the opponent and launches a barrage of Hyakuretsukyakus. If unblocked, she finishes with a kick to the opponent's chin.
Dhalsim Yoga Sunburst: Dhalsim breathes in, making his belly enlarge. He then spits out a slow-moving giant ball of flame vertically into the air that arcs and hits the opponent.
Ed Psycho Barrage: Ed unleashes a flurry of punches fused with powerful Psycho Power energy towards the opponent if it connects, and finishes the opponent off with a heavy uppercut.
F.A.N.G Shishiruirui: F.A.N.G launches the opponent into the air and damage them by flapping his sludge covered arms like a bird.
Guile Sonic Hurricane: Guile unleashes a massive Sonic Boom which whirls in place directly in front of him, dealing significant damage to any foe caught in it.
Sonic Tempest: If Solid Puncher is active, Guile instead unleashes a stronger version of the Sonic Hurricane in front of him, which can catch a foe within a wider range and do slightly more damage.
Ibuki Kachofugetsu: Ibuki performs a sliding kick. If she succeds, she delivers another kick that launch the opponent in midair. Teleporting above them, she performs hand signals and then delivers a Yoroitoshi-like ball on the opponent's head, exploding on the last hit.
Juri Sakkai Fuhazan: Juri springs into the air with a twisting reverse back flip; the finishing kick launches a giant, multi-hit, medium-range projectile. It launches swiftly and surges across the field as a giant wave. While active, the projectile maintains a constant speed, but gradually loses power the further it travels before dissipating entirely.
Karin Kanzuki-Ryu Hadorokushiki Hasha no Kata: Karin starts off with two palm strikes to the midsection of the opponent then jumps upwards with a knee then twirls the opponent like vertical helicopter propellers and then when they stop she hits them with a thrusting palm strike which sends the shooting towards the wall. After that, she does her signature laugh.
Ken Guren Enjinkyaku: Ken springs towards the opponent's face with a hard kick. If it connects, he bounces off then launches himself upwards with a multi-hit flaming Tatsumaki before finishing with another kick to the face. The camera angle shifts for a final kick to the face.
Kolin Frost Tower: Kolin slashes her opponent in the chest. As he is reeling, she crouches, and then spins twice, generating ice spikes that freeze his opponent. Then, the ice shatters.
Laura Inazuma Spin Hold: Laura grabs the opponent and jumps with him/her, then falls in the floor in a ball of electricity and performs various turns on the screen, before ending the attack with a choke hold.
M. Bison Ultimate Psycho Crusher: Bison raises his arms and summons a radial blast of Psycho Power, which launches and suspends the opponent in the air. Bison then teleports backwards and gathers Psycho Power in his fists before rushing forward and delivering a devastating Psycho Crusher to the opponent's midsection.
Nash Judgement Saber: Nash dashes through the opponent, who becomes enveloped by black mist. As the mist clears, he unleashes a vertical Sonic Hurricane into his foe's head, reaching all the way to their upper body.
Necalli Ceremony of Honor: After a mighty roar, Necalli rushes in and smashes his opponent against the wall, and showers them with attacks.
Soul Offering: If Torrent of Power is active, Necalli instead will perform a single fist to the gut, unleashing heaps of negative energy into the opponent.
R. Mika Peach Assault: Mika is assisted by Yamato Nadeshiko as they both do a Flying Peach attack, then slam the opponent down on the ground while holding his/her split legs.
Rashid Altair: Rashid begins to spin fast enough to create a large tornado around him. If he hits the opponent, they will spiral to the top of the tornado, where Rashid emerges. He then delivers a rapid flurry of kicks before descending to the ground. Upon activation of this move, Rashid can briefly adjust his position left or right before the tornado disappears.
Ryu Shinku Hadoken: Ryu gathers a surge of energy and throws a highly concentrated Hadoken at his foe.
Denjin Hadoken: If Denjin Renki is active, Ryu instead throws a Denjin Hadoken at his opponent, which electrifies them on contact or will cause a guard crush on block.
Urien Dominant Crush: Urien gathers a mass of energy in his hand then slams it into the ground, conjuring a deadly pillar of metallic energy around him that severely damages anyone who touches it. The full blast deals 10 total hits and overall functions similarly to the Kongo Kokuretsuzan.
Vega Bloody Rain: Vega dives into his opponent and attacks them with his claw before backflipping them into the air. He then plunges his claw into their back and flies upwards with the opponent, ending the critical art with a vertical slash, laughing maniacally. Vega gracefully falls on his feet and sadistically bows.
Zangief Bolshoi Russian Suplex: Zangief grabs his opponent. He thens performs a devastating suplex, crushing his opponent in to the ground.



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