The Cross Arts are enhanced special moves similar to Super Arts and Ultra Combos that are available to each character in Street Fighter X Tekken.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + (Sf3 punch medium + Sf3 kick medium)


Executed by performing a quarter-circle motion and pressing the tag buttons (medium kick and medium punch), Cross Arts require a full Cross Gauge to use; if they land successfully, the opponent is knocked over to the user's tag partner, who then performs their Super Art. Despite being different for each fighter, most of the Cross Arts require the user to be close to the opponent.

Many of the Street Fighter cast's Cross Arts are based somewhat off Super Combos/Ultra Combos/etc. from past appearances, though they are usually not named in-game, and do not appear on the in-game input lists.


An advantage that Cross Arts have over Super Arts - aside from the obvious higher damage output - is that they immediately negate any and all provisional damage an opponent has if the move lands successfully.[1]

List of Cross Arts (Street Fighter only)Edit

User "Base" Move[2] Description
Ryu None Ryu elbows the opponent and then performs a judo throw on them, following with a Focus Attack-like punch that he throws just as the opponent gets up. The punch knocks the foe into his tag partner.
Ken None Ken aims a kick at the opponent's head. If it lands, he follows with another kick, and performs a 7-hit Tatsumaki Senpukyaku that knocks the foe over to his tag partner.
Chun-Li Hosenka Chun-li aims a hit at the lower belly of the opponent. If it lands, then she follow the initial kick with a series of Spinning Bird Kicks (around 15-18 hits).
Cammy CQC (Cammy Quick Combination) Cammy strikes at the mid portion of the opponent and if it connects, she lands a combo of punches, performs a neck breaker and then kicks the opponent. The neck breaker has a familiar "x-ray" flash.
Guile Opening Gambit Guile performs a series of punches, an uppercut, and hits the opponent in midair with an aerial reverse Flash Kick.
Abel Heartless Abel grabs the foe, tackles them into the wall, and performs a series of punches. He tosses the opponent in the air, jumps to them and slams them into the ground, sending the opponent rolling to the tag partner.
Dhalsim Yoga Strike Dhalsim punches the foe to the air, does a backflip and grabs the opponent with his legs, slamming the opponent to the ground. Dhalsim finishes the move jumping and throwing the foe to the tag partner.
Sagat None Sagat begins the move with a kick, then performs a series of elbow and knee attacks, with the final knee sending the opponent to his partner.
Rolento None Rolento strikes the foe with his staff, jumps to the wall and performs a Mekong Delta Escape that knocks the foe towards his partner.
Ibuki Yami Shigure Ibuki throws kunai at her foe's feet, keeping them in place as she dashes by and slashes them repeatedly, leaving a blue trail behind her. The final slash strikes the foe in the back, forcing them into Ibuki's tag partner.
Poison Poison Kiss Poison kicks the foe in the groin, then uses her whip to slap the opponent to the partner. This move appears to serve as the basis for her second Ultra Combo.
Hugo None Hugo hand chops the opponent and then performs a spinning lariat, throwing the foe to the partner.
Rufus Space Opera Symphony Rufus performs a variant of the Space Opera Symphony, stringing together a combo of strikes that launches the opponent into the air. He directs the finishing palm strike (which is one-handed) at their back, forcing them towards his tag partner.
Zangief None Zangief headbutts his opponent, following up with two more headbutts and a throw that sends the opponent into his partner.
Vega (Claw) Splendid Claw Vega performs a sliding kick; upon landing it, he performs a Scarlet Terror that sends the foe skyward, and ferociously slashes them as they come down, sending them flying towards his tag partner.
Balrog (Boxer) Dirty Bull Balrog throws a cross, followed by another punch that drags the opponent to the other side; he then headbutts them and performs a Turn Punch, sending the foe to the partner.
M. Bison (Dictator) Psycho Punisher Bison performs a Psycho Vanish that staggers the foe backward, and follows with a powerful ground stomp that forces the opponent into the air. He grabs them from behind and fires a blast of Psycho Power through them, propelling them towards his tag partner.
Juri Feng Shui Engine Juri performs a Focus Attack-like overhead kick, and then uses the Feng Shui Engine to slash through them repeatedly, finishing by stopping behind them in midair and kicking them to her tag partner.
Akuma Tenma Shurettou Akuma punches the opponent, turning them around. He then jumps high into the air and falls down, slashing the opponent in the back with one hand while leaving a purple trail behind. The opponent falls to their knees, and Akuma grabs the back of their head and throws them behind him towards his tag partner.
Sakura None Sakura knees her opponent and leapfrogs over them (similar to her back throw) before delivering a Shouoken that sends the opponent towards her partner.
Blanka Ground Shave Roll Blanka slashes the opponent and rolls into them, sending them skyward, then he turns around and rolls into them again, forcing them to his partner.
Guy None Guy elbows the opponent, does multiples punches, a weak punch, a medium, a one-hit Bushin Senpukyaku and jump to kick the foe, launching the opponent to his partner
Cody None Cody lands four punches on the foe and then grabs them, jabbing his thumb backwards as he throws them to his partner.
Dudley Corkscrew Cross Dudley perfoms a Corkscrew Blow, then unleashes a series of punches. For the final punch, Dudley dashes forward with a straight in a similar fashion to a successful Cross Counter, sending the opponent spinning and bouncing to his partner.
Elena None Elena hits the opponent with a kick to the head and caught opponent, she will hold a series of kicks to the face of the opponent and ends with similar kicks with Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick.


  1. New York Comic Con Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer
  2. Note: The moves named are based off the Cross Art's appearance and whether or not it is similar enough to the "base" move, including when the move is whiffed.

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