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"Operation start! Acceleration! Finish!"

The Cross Stinger Assault (クロススティンガーアサルト Kurosu Sutingaa Asaruto?) is Cammy's Critical Art, introduced in Street Fighter V.


Executed by performing two quarter-circle backward motions and pressing kick, Cammy leaps backwards into the air and performs a Cannon Strike. If successful, Cammy launches the opponent into the air and strikes them with several aerial kicks, finishing with a multi-hitting Spiral Arrow. In total the move has 20 hits.


Cross Stinger Assault can be used after a Spiral Arrow under the influence of a V-Trigger, Delta Drive. It can also be used after a Cannon Spike, the V-Skill. Cross Assault Stinger can also be used to punish opponents at a certain time. If it reaches not the opponent, Cammy stop on the floor and can be punished by the opponent.



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