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The Crossfire Blitz (クロスファイアブリッツ, Kurosufaia Burittsu) is Charlie's Super Combo in the Street Fighter Alpha series. In Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom, Shadow also uses this move, where it is referred to as Cross Shadow Blitz.

Guile can also use it as his unlockable Super Combo in SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium.

Marvel vs. Capcom series Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button 2xKick
Everywhere else Arcade Stick CBArcade-Stick-RightArcade Stick LR + Arcade Button Kick


The move's input is executed similar to Sonic Break, except with the kick button. The move itself is a string of various attacks executed at high speed. The attacks and amount of hits depends on the level.



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