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Cyborg, also known as Shadaloo's Monitor Cyborg (モニターサイボーグ?), is a character created for the Street Fighter II : The Animated Movie. It's a playable character in the end of the homonymous game released for the PlayStation (also known as Street Fighter II : The Interactive Game).



History Edit

Street Fighter II: The Animated MovieEdit

The Monitor Cyborgs were created by Shadaloo scientist, Senoh. Their mission was to record various fights that happened around the world. This would locate the strongest fighters for M. Bison to turn them into his slaves. They have been around since the first Street Fighter, where a Cyborg watched Sagat and Ryu battle in the finals.

Other fights that were recorded by the Cyborgs were Ken vs. T. Hawk, Dhalsim vs. E. Honda, Dee Jay vs. some street thugs (even though Chun-Li destroyed that one) and even the final Ryu and M. Bison confrontation.

Street Fighter seriesEdit

Although not seen in the main games, the Street Fighter V official site says that Shadaloo doesn't contain only human members. Monitor Cyborgs are mass-produced hi-tech machines from Shadaloo used to scan the movement of martial artists with a camera, allowing them to learn the technique by copying it. Scanned data is sent to Shadaloo's server, where it is stored and shared by its members.[1]

Gameplay Edit

During the whole game the Cyborg keeps taking pictures of the fights that occurs during the movie. In the end, the Cyborg must use the techniques he learned from his monitoring against Ryu.

He has access to Ken's moveset from Super Street Fighter II Turbo, including the Hadoken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki, and his Super Combo, the Shoryureppa. Cyborg's strength, speed and stamina will be determined by the amount of pictures taken during the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Seth has varying similarities with Cyborg including having a similar appearance and sharing the same purpose of observing fighters and storing their move data.



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