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Cycloid Beta (サイクロイドβ Saikuroido β?) is one of the Cycloids, a pair of character composites from the Street Fighter EX series.



The Cycloids consist of Cycloid-β (a.k.a. Cycloid Beta), who is a blue 3D-model of a human male with no facial features, and Cycloid-γ (a.k.a. Cycloid Gamma), who looks similar to Beta, only Gamma's a wireframe model. Both use attacks borrowed from other characters and don't speak. Their origins are unknown. Amusingly, its body shines and still does so even when the game is paused.


Cycloid-β is a mysterious weapon that was found by Cycloid-γ during one of its escapades. Its origin is unknown, but Beta shares many similarities with Gamma, including having a mixture of fighting techniques and occassionaly running away from Shadaloo.[1]


Cycloid-β borrows the following Unique Attacks, Special Attacks and Super Combos (although they are renamed Beta (move name), for example, Beta Shoot Upper for Shoot Upper):

  • It also borrows Allen's stance, Kairi's win poses, Kairi's Punch throw, Blair's Kick throw and Skullomania's Guard Break.

Its attacks are performed via "rolling" motions (such as Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch).

Beta reappears in Street Fighter EX2 Plus as the dummy in the Excel Break bonus stage, where it has to be defeated by using Excel combos. If the player fails the bonus stage, Beta will briefly imitate the player character's victory pose. It can also appear running in the background where the high score table is shown, if the player holds start when choosing the random select option and clears the game achieving the highest score.

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Street Fighter EX series Edit


  • In Street Fighter EX3, the Cycloids were replaced with the character Ace, who has access to other character's moves as well.

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