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Cycloids as they appear in Street Fighter EX3

Cycloids (サイクロイド Saikuroido?) are group of characters that appear in the Street Fighter EX series. They appear as featureless humanoids with their moveset acting as a composite of several other characters.


A blue and red Cycloid, dubbed Cycloid Beta and Cycloid Gamma respectively, appear as bonus unlockable characters in Street Fighter EX Plus α.

Cycloid Beta reappears in Street Fighter EX2 Plus as an unplayable character, acting as a training dummy in the Excel Break bonus round. A pink Cycloid also appears during the credits that the player can beat up on.

Generic grey Cycloids appear in Street Fighter EX3, acting as unplayable characters in bonus rounds. In addition, Ace is also introduced, a character who can be customised with moves from other characters and essentially replaces the roles Cycloid Beta and Cycloid Gamma provided in Street Fighter EX Plus α.



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