Daigenjuro Kanzuki (神月 大厳十郎 Kanzuki Daigenjūrō?) is Karin's father and the former head of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu.



Daigenjuro is a rather strict man as he constantly pushes his daughter into becoming a better heir to the Kanzuki family fortune, as he wanted a son. However, despite his strict attitude around his daughter, he does still love his wife very much.


One day, after Karin easily completed harsh trials (not unlike the previous ones he made her complete), Daigenjuro discovers that she bought most of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu's shares, becoming the new leader of the zaibatsu and greatly humiliating her father, but impresses him just enough for him to note to himself that "she has great potential".

After losing the leadership, he no longer lives in the Kanzuki Estate, but he has not completely given up to be the family head. He travels around the world chasing after his daughter Karin to challenge her for his former position, but is only having a continuous losing streak.[1]


  • His father fought against Oro for three days straight one century ago.



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