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Darun Mister (ダラン・マイスター Daran Maisutā?) is a character in the Street Fighter EX series. He is a wrestling champion from India.



Darun Mister's appearance, as well as his fighting style, are largely inspired by The Great Gama, a well known Pehlwani wrestler active from the 1900s to the 1930s.



He hears of Zangief's legendary wrestling prowess and, bored with his inferior opponents, seeks out the Russian to prove to himself that he is indeed the world's ultimate fighter. He also acts as a bodyguard for Pullum.

Fighting styleEdit

As a wrestler, Darun's fighting style is very similar to Zangief's. He also possesses similar full-circle moves, known as Indra Bridge and Brahma Bomb, his signature throw is a DDT, and his signature move is a power bomb. His Dusk Lariat is a series of clotheslines.



  • Darun is the second (and last) Indian character to be introduced in the series, after Dhalsim. Interestingly, they both share the same stage and theme music in Street Fighter EX plus α for the PlayStation.
  • Besides The Great Gama, Darun is possibly based on a well known Turkish wrestler, Koca Yusuf.

Stage ThemesEdit


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