Dave is a fictional character from the Final Fight series, introduced in the game Final Fight 3.


Dave is a bulky man with a brown beard and mustache. He wears a white sleeveless shirt with a blue police hat, fist guards, and pants. He has handcuffs on his belt and carries a nightstick.


Final FightEdit

Dave was a corrupt police officer who worked for the Skull Cross Gang. When Haggar, Guy, Lucia, and Dean headed to Metro City's police station to investigate an explosion, Dave was waiting there to ambush them. Lucia fought and defeated him.

Fighting styleEdit

Dave is a lazy fighter who uses jump kicks and often twirls his nightstick when he isn't pummeling enemies with it. His signature move is the Giant Jump, during which he leaps high into the air and shakes the ground when he lands, knocking down nearby enemies. He will sometimes use this move after recovering from a knockdown.




Dave (FF3) Model

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