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Dean (ディーン Dīn?) is a character from the Final Fight series. He first appeared in Final Fight 3 as one of the four playable main characters.

Appearance Edit

Dean is a towering, muscular fellow with tall, spiky, blond hair. He wears a white sleeveless T-shirt with black pants, headband, harness, wristbands, and boots.

Profile Edit

When the Skull Cross Gang terrorizes the city in place of the now defunct Mad Gear Gang, Dean was one of the people they wanted in their group. While having extensive knowledge of the gang, Dean declined their offer. Stray and the gang maliciously murders his family and the grief-stricken Dean now seeks to avenge their deaths. He carries a picture of his family wherever he goes.

Gameplay and fighting styleEdit

Dean can collect energy from the air to generate electricity and use it as a weapon. His super move, the Scrap Dunk, consists of Dean grabbing the opponent as he rises into the air, and slamming them into the ground in an electrically-charged burst of energy. His preferred weapon in the game is the hammer.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to his skills at manipulating electricity, Dean is often speculated to be a cyborg. However, given that the Final Fight trilogy is set in the Street Fighter universe, and that Blanka and Laura have electrical powers despite being fully organic, it is also possible that Dean is merely channeling Ki. Neither of these ideas have been confirmed or denied by Capcom themselves.
  • An image of Dean, Lucia and Haggar can be seen in issue one of Udon's Street Fighter Unlimited comic series.[3]
  • The trailer for the cancelled game, Final Fight: Seven Sons, shows one planned playable character, who is not named onscreen. Given the overall design as well as the usage of electrical attacks, this fighter may have been intended as either an updated version of Dean or, at the very least, a new character who deliberately mimicked his combat style. Had this been the case, it would have paralleled how Maki and Carlos were otherwise separate individuals whose fighting abilities mirrored those of Guy and Cody, respectively.
  • Dean shares traits with both Charlie and Guile from the Street Fighter series, wearing military-inspired clothing and a striking blond hairstyle. He also has a forelock similar to Charlie's and shares his fighting stance with him. Like Guile, he has also lost loved ones to murderous individuals and seeks to avenge them.

Gallery Edit

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