For the similiarly named Final Fight: Streetwise bosses, see Cody Death and Stiff Death.

Death (デス Desu?), real name Avel (アヴェル?), also known by his emblem 13 / T.K.O.D, is a character who was originally supposed to appear in Capcom Fighting All-Stars as one of the four original characters.


Death is a Code Holder who has planted a bomb, dubbed Laughing Sun, within Metro City. Mike Haggar contacts the other three Code Holders, D.D., Rook and Ingrid, to come in and defuse the bomb. He apparently has a deep and strange relationship with Ingrid[1], what this is was never revealed, however they both share the same silver colored hair.[2] Also, while Ingrid has longevity, Death has a shorter life span.[3]



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