The Denjin Renki (電刃練気? "Electric Blade Refined Qi") is Ryu's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.[1]



Ryu activating Denjin Renki.

When activated, Denjin Renki "electrifies" Ryu's Hadoken and Shoryuken. The Hadoken gains damage and stun, and also becomes charge-able; when fully charged, it will gain guard crushing properties, and leave a blocking opponent defenseless for several seconds. The Shoryuken gains increased damage and stun, and the medium version gains slightly more invincibility as well.[2] The Shinku Hadoken will become a Denjin Hadoken, increasing the damage and lowering the startup time, but this will deplete the V-Gauge entirely and Critical Art Gauge entirely.
Frame Data (1 frame = 1/60th sec)
Start-Up: 1 frame
Active: N/A
Recovery: 4 frames


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