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Dhalsim Sf4charselectdhalsim
Dhalsim, as he appears in Street Fighter V.
Birthdate November 22[1][2], 1952[3]
Birthplace Flag of India India[1]
Height 5'9"[4] (176 cm) (variable)[5]
Weight 106 lbs[6] (48 kg)[5]
109 lbs[4] (49.5 kg)
Eye color White
Blood type O[1][2]
Fighting style Esoteric Yoga[4]
Likes Meditation, curry[5][2], elephants, protecting his village and loved ones (wife Sally and son Datta)
Dislikes Sweets, meat[1][2], violence, corrupted powers
Rival(s) Rufus (SF4), Rose (SFA3), Birdie (SFA3), Cammy (SFA3)
Skills Sermons[4], preaching, selflessness[1][2], mind reading
Moveset Yoga Fire, Yoga Flame, Yoga Blast, Yoga Teleport, Yoga Escape, EX Yoga TeleportΩ, Yoga BringerΩ, Yoga LegendΩ1, Yoga Smash (MvC2), Yoga Floating (MvC series), Yoga Float, Yoga Burner, Yoga Strike, Yoga Stream, Yoga Tempest, Yoga Inferno, Yoga Volcano, Yoga Drill Zutsuki (SvC: Chaos), Yoga Drill Kick (SvC:Chaos), Yoga Catastrophe, Yoga Shangri-La
Alignment Neutral-good
First game Street Fighter II
English voice actor(s) Garry Chalk (Street Fighter animated series)
Michael Sorich (Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie)
Steve Blum (Street Fighter II V (Animaze dub))
Christopher Bevins (Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken, Street Fighter V)
Japanese voice actor(s) Yukimasa Kishino (Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie)
Shozo Iizuka (Street Fighter II V)
Yoshiharu Yamada (Street Fighter Alpha series, Street Fighter EX series, Marvel vs. Capcom series, Capcom vs. SNK series)
Eiji Yano (SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos)
Daisuke Egawa (Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken, Street Fighter V)
Live action actor(s) Roshan Seth
"Today, I shall win again. (私は今日も勝って帰る… Watashi wa kyou mo katte kaeru...?)"
—Dhalsim (Street Fighter IV series)
"I'm not very fond of conflict. (争いは好まぬのだが… Arasoi wa konomanu nodaga…?)"
—Dhalsim (Street Fighter V)

Dhalsim (ダルシム Darushimu?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series of fighting games. Dhalsim is famous throughout the Street Fighter series for his stretchy, lanky body and fire attacks.



Dhalsim is often depicted with pupil-less white eyes. His build is that of a normal man who exercises and weight trains regularly, except for his abdomen and waist, which appear much out of proportion and emaciated. His arms are also quite extraordinary in length, and he uses this to create an advantage over his opponents during fights, usually opting to wear them down from the outside. He wears torn yellow saffron shorts, held tied around his waist by a piece of rope, as his only clothing attire, as well as yellow saffron wristbands and anklebands. He has three red stripes adorning his head, hoop earrings, and metallic bracelets, sometimes also anklets. In the Street Fighter Alpha series, he wears a turban that he removes before battle, while in the Marvel vs. Capcom series he removes what appears to be a one-shoulder shirt. The skulls he wears around his neck are those of village children that died during a plague.

Dhalsim's minimal clothing and necklace of skulls are reminiscent of the Hindu ascetics known as Kapalikas ("skull-bearers") who were often associated macabre practices such as cannibalism and meditating on top of rotting corpses. Like Blanka and Urien, Dhalsim's alternate costumes change his skin color, usually a shade of grey or yellow like the ash that Hindu holymen cover their bodies in.

In Street Fighter V, he has gained a long white beard, possibly from aging, and wears his turban rather than removing it.


Dhalsim is quite stoic, serious, self-disciplined, humble, and also very stern when needed. Being a pacifist, he will never hurt a person more than necessary, or kill an adversary, even the most evil ones such as M. Bison. His pacifistic beliefs also allow him to be a greatly loving father and husband towards his family.

As an extremely altruistic man, Dhalsim fights mostly for the poor and oppressed, as he constantly tries his best to raise money for his poverty-stricken people. Dhalsim is aware that if he uses his power to harm, he may become evil, and frequently questions his decisions to use his powers for fighting. Furthermore, all forms of yoga are meant to aid a personal journey towards enlightenment, and not to harm others. Therefore, Dhalsim is constantly concerned about his fighting style overwhelming his own principles of non-violence.

In contrast with Ryu's youngster (but still serious and self-focused) type, Dhalsim has a more "mature" and less "enthusiastic" nature, as he regularly relies on his traditional yoga meditation rites to expand his spirituality, and keep his inner neutrality off any emotional involvement that may prejudice his discipline.

Dhalsim always remains calm and serene. When he fights, he is always in a constant state of meditation so he can focus on the opponent. He rarely speaks to his opponents outside of calling his attacks, and when he does, his words are riddles that leave the foe confused about his or her own being. However, Dhalsim holds a grudge against Balrog who killed one of his elephants, practicing his Gigaton Blow.

Concept Edit

Dhalsim got his name from an Indian restaurant in Osaka near Capcom's office (Dhal is lentils, shim is Hyacinth beans).

During the development of Street Fighter II, the early original design for Dhalsim bore a striking resemblance to Ganesha, a Hindu god with four arms and the head of an elephant. A picture of Ganesha can be seen in the background of his Street Fighter II stage, and his fifth alternate costume in Ultra Street Fighter IV resembles him.

Lead designer of Street Fighter II, Akira Nishitani, stated in a interview with Polygon that the concept of Dhalsim's ability to stretch his limbs comes from the Hamon Zoom Punch technique (from the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure).[7] This is reconfirmed in the comment section of Dhalism's bio in the Street Fighter X Tekken Artworks artbook.


Dhalsim has a wife, Sally, and a son named Datta.


Street Fighter Alpha 2Edit

During Street Fighter Alpha 2, Dhalsim raises money to save his village, and gains the respect of villagers; some call him "Great Yoga Master Dhalsim".[8] He questions what good could come from his damaging powers.

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, he sets out to destroy the evil M. Bison. He travels around the world and meets Rose and Birdie, and uses his mind control powers to get his answers. He is responsible for making Cammy White self-aware, thus freeing her from Bison's control. He later confronts Bison and destroys the Shadaloo base, but this is not considered canon.[9]

Street Fighter IIEdit

Dhalsim enters the tournament to raise money for his village, but realizes that it contradicts his pacifist beliefs. Dhalsim retires from fighting after the second World Warrior tournament, and continues to roam the world helping those in need.

Super Street Fighter IV Edit

Dhalsim makes his return in the Street Fighter IV series, this time to free the flow of water to his village after S.I.N. builds a dam upstream. His son, Datta, is a penpal of Amy, Guile's daughter. When Datta informs Dhalsim that his penpal's father is away on a mission to investigate said dam, Dhalsim recognizes that the situation is even more serious than he thought. He is reluctant to use his powers for self-serving purposes, but feels compelled to save his village.

Dhalsim goes to participate in the tournament S.I.N. was organizing. When the dam base is destroyed at the end of the game, the water returns to the village. Although Dhalsim believes that Shadaloo represents an evil in the heart of humanity that will never truly be defeated, he also recognizes that "the goodness in mankind's heart is also endless".[10]

Street Fighter V Edit


Prologue - Prophecy of Old

In Necalli's prologue story, the "Warrior Prophet", an Aztec warrior-priest, from a place called "Ancient Altar", foresees that during the next 'Hour of Battle', Necalli will battle and consume the soul of Dhalsim, who is referred to as "The one who serves the God of Fire".

Prologue - 'The Path of a Yogi'

In his prologue story, a police officer named Mahesh seeks out Dhalsim and requests to be taught the ways of yoga. When Dhalsim inquires as to why he wishes to be taught, Maheesh says that he wishes to become strong enough to protect his people in the same way Dhalsim does. However, the yoga master replies that yoga is not meant to teach about strength nor violence, rather it is meant to spread harmony and understanding. Mahesh is taken aback, Dhalsim ultimately decides to train the eager police officer. However, they are interrupted by the arrival of Rashid and Azam.

Rashid is enthusiastic to be in the presence of one of the "7 yoga masters you have to meet at least once", as it was stated on the Internet. Dhalsim is confused at Rashid's words, and Mahesh angrily tells the pair that the yoga master is busy. Rashid asks to spar with Dhalsim; when asked why, he replies that he needs to get stronger. He, however, is unable to improve himself and presumably loses. Before leaving, asks if Dhalsim has seen his friend, but to no avail. He and Azam then depart.

A short while later, whilst showcasing his flames to Mahesh, Dhalsim is greeted by Oro, who claims the yoga master's abilities to be odd. A surprised Mahesh asks if Oro knew yoga, as he was floating in the air much like Dhalsim; Oro laughs and shoots down this claim, saying Mahesh has much to learn. Shocked to see the ancient hermit whom he had been previously acquainted with at some point in his earlier life, Dhalsim expresses how he never thought he would encounter Oro in India. Oro replies that he sensed interesting people here and came to investigate; he also questions Dhalsim as to why he is training a new pupil instead of mastering his own skills. Dhalsim responds by saying honing his own skills are secondary goal, as his primary goal is to harmonize everything as he believes it will set him upon the right path in life. Oro humorously says that Dhalsim hasn't changed since they last met, and sensing another interesting person in the area, decides to leave. He bids Dhalsim farewell, telling the yoga master to make him curry next time they meet.

Mahesh begins to practice breathing flames, but is unsuccessful. Dhalsim critiques him for his impatience, but his lesson his cut off once again, this time by the arrival of R. Mika. Mika introduces herself, and conveys her desire to learn to breath fire like he does, as she believes it will improve her wrestling performance and make the crowds go wild. Dhalsim complies, however Mika is unable to breathe fire. Dhalsim tells her to not be discouraged, as she has the passion to ignite her flame one day. Taking the lesson in good stride, Mika takes her leave. Mahesh is finally able to breathe fire, albeit only a tiny amount. Dhalsim tells him not to worry, as he will happily teach him for as long it takes.

Prologue - 'Seeking Worthy Challengers'

During Karin's prologue story, Dhalsim begins to teach Mahesh the fundamentals of teleporting, but gets a surprise visit from Karin, her butler Shibazaki, and Birdie. Having heard of Oro's presence in India days prior, the young head of the Kanzuki family came to seek him out. He tells her that the Senjutsu master has been gone by a few days; Karin however promptly decides to challenge Dhalsim, who did not expect the sudden developments. After a very long match in which neither gain the upper hand, they both commend each other for their own respective skills (Dhalsim's mastery of Yoga, and Karin's "pure fist") before the yoga master teleports away to continue teaching his pupils.

Crossover appearancesEdit

Street Fighter EX seriesEdit

Dhalsim is one of the playable characters in the Street Fighter EX series.

Capcom vs. SNK seriesEdit

Dhalsim is playable in Millennium Fight 2000, Mark of the Millennium 2001/EO and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.

Marvel vs. Capcom seriesEdit

Dhalsim is also playable in X-Men vs. Street FighterMarvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Dhalsim is a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken, his tag partner is Sagat.


Street Fighter cartoonEdit

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In the American animated series, Dhalsim is shown to be like his movie adaptation.

Street Fighter II VEdit

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Wreck-It-Ralph Edit

Dhalsim has a small cameo in Disney's video game-themed film Wreck-It-Ralph as one of the portraits in Tapper's.

Comics and MangaEdit

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UDON comicsEdit

In the UDON comic book series, Dhalsim is a wise and powerful mystic who aids Ryu in his quest to become stronger in order to avenge his master without being taking over by the Satsui no Hado, he teaches Sagat the way of fighting with sportsmen ships, compassion, mentai control, and respect for the well being of another opponent.

At some point, he is encountered by Ryu who is looking for a way to become stronger to defeat Akuma, he tells Ryu that he is fighing with rage and dispair in his fist, he teachs Ryu to fight in a more positive manner.   

Cameo Appearance Edit

Dhalsim makes a small cameo at the end of the Sakura Ganbaru manga along with his wife and Rolento, complaining about their lack of appearance. Rolento and Dhalsim were the only members of the cast of SFA2 to not appear at all in the Street Fighter Alpha manga or Sakura Ganbaru.[citation needed]

Fighting styleEdit

Dhalsim is the original long-range fighter of fighting games; his intense training has given him the ability to contort and extend his limbs into forms physically impossible for a normal human. He can project his arms and legs outward in order to deliver attacks that would be out of the range of normal limbs, and teleporting to maintain the distance.

Dhalsim also has the ability to breathe fire in various ways. In earlier releases, Capcom USA claimed that Dhalsim's ability to breathe fire stemmed from his consumption of curry, but Capcom of Japan changed this to a blessing from Agni, Hindu god of fire, and a later English manual of Super Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo states that the flames stem from his mastery over fully unleashing his latent kundalini energies in his training.[citation needed] In Super Street Fighter IV, however, Gouken theorizes that it might be an energy-based ability instead. This may also explain Seth's ability to use some of Dhalsim's moves, though it is just as likely that he is more directly mimicking Bison's teleport.

In the UDON comics, Dhalsim says that his fire is actually an illusion that won't hurt a person if they believe that they won't be burned; he proves it via engulfing Adon in flames, and as he recoils and notices he's not getting burned, taking advantage of Adon's confusion to knock him out. Also, in Super Street Fighter IV, he calms Hakan after defeating him by mentioning that his fire is only an illusion that won't burn his oil. Furthermore, when defeating Dhalsim, Zangief boasts that Dhalsim's imaginary flames have no chance against his own real muscles.

Dhalsim's overall style revolves around attacking from a distance, and mid-air attacks on grounded opponents while taking advantage of impatient opponents. Dhalsim has a long airtime when he jumps so he could easily avoid projectiles and rushes, but is prone to light jump attacks, but he is very slow both on the ground and in the air, which can leave him vulnerable to a patient opponent. Dhalsim however, can create many ambiguous setups to confuse the opponent, and attack through with ease.

In Street Fighter V, his V-Trigger, the Yoga Burner, works similar to his Yoga Flame and he can blow fire at the opponent in mid-air. His V-Skill is the Yoga Float where he floats in mid-air to hit his opponent. The Yoga Catastrophe (Dhalsim's first Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV) is now his Critical Art, Dhalsim breathes in, making his belly enlarge. He then spits out a slow-moving giant ball of flame that arcs and hits the opponent.


Dhalsim's abilities also resemble those of an Indian fighter in the 1976 motion picture Master of the Flying Guillotine starring Jimmy Wang Yu. Like Dhalsim, the fighter in the movie used a yoga-based fighting style, and had the ability to extend his limbs to attack.

Dhalsim's fighting style is generally given as Yoga, as in the form of exercise. Oddly enough, the manuals for the SNES and Genesis versions of Street Fighter II identified Dhalsim's fighting style as Kabaddi, which is actually an Indian sport.


Dhalsim's gameplay style involves keeping the opponent at bay with distance attacks and projectiles, only getting close to strike with a surprise aerial attack or sliding kick. Dhalsim has both very low offense and defense, making it vital for him to avoid sustaining too many blows from a strong fighter.

Dhalsim's sprite, while standing, is actually quite a small target, due to the total number of pixels it occupies while not attacking; he becomes a much larger target while attacking. As of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the player can make Dhalsim perform only short range attacks by holding back on the joystick.

In addition to his fire-breathing and stretching, Dhalsim has a "slow-motion" floating jump that allows him to surprise foes with midair attacks. He can also utilize his teleport in midair to throw off opponents who attempt to knock him out of the air.

His Super Combos commonly include powerful flames attack, the most common of which is known as the Yoga Inferno. Some games also allow him to aim the Inferno upwards instead; this variant is known as the Yoga Volcano. Another relative common Super Combo is the Yoga Strike; Dhalsim uses his stretching limbs to grab a faraway foe and slam them into the ground.

In the Street Fighter IV games, Dhalsim's new Ultra Combos continue this trend. His first Ultra Combo is the Yoga Catastrophe, which is similar to the Metsu Hadoken, but recovers almost immediately, allowing for a plethora of cross-up combo opportunities. His second Ultra Combo, Yoga Shangri-La, is a midair grab that targets an earthbound foe; if successful, he headbutts them repeatedly using the momentum granted by his stretching limbs. Dhalsim also has the most reach with his Focus Attack, and has one of the few Personal Actions that actually have an effect on gameplay.

Stage ThemeEdit

Quotes Edit

Main Article: Dhalsim/Quotes

Popular Culture Edit

Dhalsim/Pop Culture


  • Dhalsim is one of the eleven playable Street Fighter characters who are married or in a romantic relationship.
  • Despite having the same rival as he did in Street Fighter IV, Dhalsim's rival fight stage has been changed in Super Street Fighter IV. It was the Crowded Downtown stage before, but then got changed to the Exciting Street Scene stage. This was due to the fact that the latter stage is located in India (which is Dhalsim's home country), and thus suits him better.

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