"I'll pulverize ya! RRRAAAAGH! You ain't gettin' away! Gyaaahahahaha! (ブッ壊してやるぜぇ! 逃がさねぇ、ぜ! Bukkowashite yaru zee! Nigasanee, ze!?)"

The Dirty Bull (ダーティーブル Daatii Buru?) is Balrog's second Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV.

Super Street Fighter IV
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Arcade Stick 360Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Punch x3
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Ultra Street Fighter IV (Patch 1.04)
Arcade Stick HCBArcade Stick HCB + Arcade Button Punch x3
Balrog 250


Balrog dirty bull

Balrog uses the Dirty Bull to finish off Juri.

Executed by performing two half-circle backward (or full circle, depending on the game version) motions and pressing all 3 punch buttons, Balrog angrily lunges at the opponent with a threatening facial expression, attempting to grab his opponent.

If successful, he performs a series of illegal-in-boxing moves: he grabs them by the head and instantly headbutts them off-balance, then proceeds to violently stomp on the opponent's foot and finishes them off by whiffing a cross punch, delivering a powerful elbow strike across their face instead. The opponent is knocked down just as Balrog puts his arms out, shrugs in a "Don't look at me!" manner and laughs sadistically.


As a grab, the Ultra Combo has very limited range, can be jumped out of in a neutral stance, and does relatively low damage if landed. Its lack of utility means that it is used far less often in comparison to Balrog's other Ultra Combo. Despite the low damage, it does a lot of stun damage, meaning that it can be used as a combo finisher to render opponents dizzy.


  • The attack's title refers to the illegal moves that Balrog uses which are strictly forbidden in boxing.


Super Street Fighter 4 - Balrog Ultra 2 Dirty Bull

Super Street Fighter 4 - Balrog Ultra 2 Dirty Bull

Dirty Bull (Japanese voices).

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