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Doctrine Dark (ドクトリン・ダーク Dokutorin Dāku?), also known as D. Dark, is a playable character from the Street Fighter EX series.



Doctrine Dark wears a Gas Mask for letting him breath since Rolento hit him in the chin, as well wearing military clothes that resembles a S.W.A.T uniform, he uses various weapons like a fiber wire, knives and explosives and has short blonde hair.


Concept Edit

Doctrine Dark was probably based and/or inspired by Scorpion, Kabal and Baraka of Mortal Kombat fame.

  • Not only is Dark's moveset somewhat similar to Scorpion's (explained below) but in Dark's CGI rendered ending in Street Fighter EX Alpha Plus, it is revealed that his special unit's emblem is a scorpion, possibly a reference to Scorpion.
  • Both Dark and Kabal are covered by a gas mask, Kabal was burnt alive and Dark was hit by Rolento in his chin, due to this he can't breathe. Unlike Dark however, Kabal is officially seen unmasked.
  • The blades on Dark's arms are similar to Baraka.


Born in Germany, Dark once served under the orders of Guile with his own special tactical reconnaissance unit. During his tour of duty, his own unit got into a bit of a scuffle with another rival unit, lead by Rolento. The minor scuffle escalated into a full-on battle, with both sides receiving heavy casualties. Doctrine Dark was the only member of his unit to escape. However, he was severely injured emotionally and physically.

Outfitted with a portable breathing apparatus, he eventually escaped from the hospital and went into hiding, only to re-emerge as the deranged psychotic killer Doctrine Dark. Dark holds Guile responsible for the massacre of his unit. He blames Guile for not training him well, whom he accuses of being more concerned with chasing after M. Bison to avenge Charlie than with the safety of his own men. For these reasons, he seeks to kill Guile as a result.

Gameplay/Fighting styleEdit

Dark's fighting style can be comparable to Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series, with his signature move being a wire that catches the opponent and can either drag them in for a combo (like the Mortal Kombat character) or electrified. He also makes use of concealed blades and explosives.

Stage ThemesEdit


  • On the Versus Screen Vs. Doctrine Dark, a strange sound can be heard. This doesn't happen in Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha.
  • Doctrine Dark's real name, as stated in various sources, is Holger.

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