Doctrine Dark (ドクトリン・ダーク Dokutorin Dāku?), real name Holger (オルガー Orugā?)[1], also known as D. Dark, is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter EX. He is a mentally scarred mercenary seeking revenge for his fallen comrades.



Doctrine Dark wears a special respiratory mask to breathe (since Rolento crippled him in the chin), as well as military clothes that resembles a S.W.A.T uniform,and he has a symbol of sliced scorpion on his back of his uniform, he uses various weapons like a fiber wire, knives and explosives. He has a short blonde hair parted at the fringe, and characteristically unsettling, permanently shell shocked blue eyes.


Due to his PTSD that reflects in his physical looks, he is quite serious and homicidal in battles and will not think beyond killing his opponent rather than simply defeat them. He has a single-minded desire to exact revenge on Rolento and Guile and does not seem to have any other desires beyond this.


Other than his begrudged desire for Rolento and Guile's deaths, he has no other known interactions with other characters.


Street Fighter EXEdit

Doctrine Dark was a brave soldier with an exceptional sense for battle. Dark once served under the orders of Guile with his own special tactical reconnaissance unit. During his tour of duty, his own unit got into a bit of a scuffle with another rival unit, lead by Rolento. The minor scuffle escalated into a full-on battle, with both sides receiving heavy casualties. Doctrine Dark was the only member of his unit to escape. However, he was severely injured emotionally and physically.

Street Fighter EX endingEdit

(Japanese version)

"Resistance is futile. You guys won't do it again. I have lost my soul, as well as my tears and my smiles. Now you will bear witness to that hell? Where did they go...? You...?" Doctrine Dark, the man that was once known as Holger. Can his soul still be saved?

Street Fighter EX Plus α endingEdit

A lone shout rules his mind. His strong desire for vengeance has burdened him with the fate of a warrior demon. His shout echoes like a requiem during the sorrowful night. The vengeful demon Doctrine Dark... Is there anyone who can save his soul?

Shadaloo C.R.I. profileEdit

Born in the United States and of German heritage,[1] he was assigned to a special force with great expectations about his future. However, his unit was exterminated by an ambush from Rolento's enemy troops and he was the sole survivor. Filled with hatred for both Rolento and his former superior Guile, he has now become a killing machine burning with a desire for revenge, wanting to win by any means necessary.

Fighting EX LayerEdit

Doctrine Dark will appears as one of the playable characters in this game.

Gameplay Edit

Fighting styleEdit

Doctrine Dark appears to utilize a very violent fighting style reliant on his utilized and portable concealed weaponry; he uses such things like metallic garrote wires, retractable wrist mounted daggers, and timed bombs.


Dark's signature move is a wire that catches the opponent, and can either drag them in for a combo or electrify them. He also makes use of concealed blades and explosives.

His throw move, in uncensored versions, involve him graphically slitting his opponent's throat from behind in spectacular bloody fashion. This was toned down in other regions to be simply him planting explosives.

Stage ThemesEdit


  • His later appearances are similar to that of the character of Garland Greene of the 1997 action movie Con Air, played by Steve Buscemi; Greene was infamous as a serial killer known in story as "The Marietta Mangler", and was first depicted in a full body restraint device with a respirator face mask due to his dangerous level as a convict.
  • Doctrine Dark shows similarities to Scorpion, Kabal and Baraka of Mortal Kombat fame.
    • Dark's moveset is somewhat similar to Scorpion's (being able to pull their opponents in with his wire, in a similar fashion to how Scorpion uses his spear) but in Dark's CGI rendered ending in Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, it is revealed that his special unit's emblem is a scorpion.
    • Both Dark and Kabal are covered by a gas mask, Kabal was burnt alive and Dark was hit by Rolento in his chin, due to this he can't breathe. Unlike Dark however, Kabal is officially seen unmasked.
    • The blades on Dark's arms are similar to Baraka's.

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Street Fighter EX seriesEdit

Shadaloo C.R.I.Edit

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