The Dohatsu Shoten (怒髪衝天 Dohatsu Shoten, "Towering Rage") is Akuma's V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Description Edit

While active, his Gohadoken hits two times, now able to travel full-screen instead of fizzling out, and he can unleash two Zanku Hadokens even while jumping backwards. Additionally, when he lands his Goshoryuken, he follows-up and violently drives his opponents into the ground (making it similar to the Misogi, the ending of Evil Ryu's Messatsu Goshoryu, or Oni's Mu). While the V-Trigger is active, Akuma also has access to an exclusive Critical Art, the infamous Shun Goku Satsu, by executing the trademark input. Although doing so will deplete his V-Gauge, it is also still possible to use his standard Critical Art, the Sekia Kuretsuha.


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