The Double Lariat (ダブルラリアット Daburu Rariatto?), also informally known as the Spinning Clothesline, is one of Zangief's special attacks, introduced along with him in Street Fighter II.

The Double Lariat is based off a move originally used by Mike Haggar in the Final Fight series, and after witnessing Haggar use it in a fight, Zangief added the move to his repertoire.[citation needed]

All appearances Arcade Button Punch x3 or Arcade Button Kick x3 (Arcade Stick Left and Arcade Stick Right to move)


Executed by pressing all three punch or kick buttons, Zangief stretches his arms out horizontally and clenches his fists, and then simply spins in an effort to hit the opponent. An alternate "quick" version can also be executed by pressing all three kick buttons.


The attack greatly reduces the size of Zangief's hitbox while in motion, and Zangief cannot be knocked out of it with most attacks based on which buttons he uses: when performed with the punch buttons, Zangief spins slower but for a longer time, and is invulnerable above his waist, thus allowing most fireballs to pass him with ease and granting better chances of hitting standing or airborne opponents; on the other hand, when performed with the kick buttons, Zangief spins faster but for a shorter time, and is invulnerable below his waist, thus allowing him to dodge projectiles and other attacks which do not travel above midsection-height.


  • The term "Double Lariat" is actually a misnomer due to the fact that a lariat involves running towards an opponent, wrapping an arm around their upper chest and forcing them to the ground. A more accurate term for this move would be a clothesline, as the attack involves striking an opponent with an extended arm and knocking them down.





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