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Dramatic Battle Mode is a game mode in the Street Fighter Alpha subseries.

Description Edit

This mode consists of fights where the player fight in pairs. Each character has a double (for exemple, Cammy and M. Bison, Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter Alpha 3).Vega and rolento are another in game pair.

If played with two players, the player can fight other fighters from different pairs. The only pair that appears in duo in arcade mode is Juni and Juli. They appear together since Juli is assigned to kill Cammy and Juni help Juli to fulfill the mission in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

In the first game, this was a secret game mode, in which players could only play as Ryu and Ken for a one-off battle against M. Bison.

The Tag Battle mode in Street Fighter EX3 operates under a similar principle to that of Dramatic Battle, with two teams of two fighting at the same time.

Pairs in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

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Screenshots Edit

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Ryu and Ken vs M.Bison

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