This is a list of Dudley's references in general pop culture since his introduction in Street Fighter III: New Generation.

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  • Steve Fox from the Tekken series is similar to Dudley in terms of being British boxers; both are descripted as national boxing champions. Coincidentally, on Street Fighter X Tekken, in their win quotes, both wanted to clash each other on the ring, but they couldn't due to their different categories.
  • One of Dudley's costume colors has a resemblance to Nintendo's mascot, Mario. Another one of his colors bears a resemblance to one of Mario's enemies, Wario.
  • Makoto Nanaya from the BlazBlue series of games gains several of Dudley's moves when in her alternate "Unlimited" form; this includes the Short Swing Blow (renamed Shooting Star), Machine Gun Blow, Duck/Ducking Straight/Ducking Upper (renamed Dash Straight and Upper), Cross Counter (renamed Space Counter) and Rolling Thunder. She even gains a variant of Dudley's taunt, with an acorn replacing the rose. She also gains her Street Fighter namesake's Abare Tosanami and Seichusen Godanzuki.

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  • Dudley's alternative costume in Super Street Fighter IV is a reference to rock legend Freddie Mercury of Queen and his costume from the 1986 Wembley concert.

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