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Ed (エド Edo?) is a non-playable character who first appeared in Rose's ending in Street Fighter IV and then in Balrog's Super Street Fighter IV prologue and ending; the credits simply refer to him as Bandaged Boy.[2] He would later appear during the plot events of Street Fighter V.


Ed is one of many spare bodies created as a possible vessel for M. Bison, before being stolen by Seth and placed within S.I.N.'s laboratory. He has the mark of Shadaloo on his hand and is able to use a small amount of Psycho Power.[1]


Ed has short blond hair and blue eyes. When activating his Psycho Powers from his hand, his eyes glow purple.

In Balrog's Super Street Fighter IV ending, he was seen in a patient uniform and his head is covered in bandages. In Street Fighter V, Ed is a teenager and his short blond hair is messier. He wears a white sleeveless hoodie jacket, black trousers and red sneakers. He also has a bar code tattoo on his left arm and wears a matching set of white wristbands. He mostly wears his hood up.


Super Street Fighter IVEdit

Ed appears in Balrog's ending in Super Street Fighter IV, where Balrog rescues him from the crumbling S.I.N. laboratory and decides to drag him along, despite apparently being rather unremarkable. As they leave, a symbol begins glowing on his hand.

Street Fighter VEdit

Ed is revealed to be one of the many spare bodies for M. Bison as mentioned by Urien, who knows that he was taken by someone else. Ed is Balrog's partner in crime, and notably one of the few people Balrog seems to care for. He helped Balrog take Zangief's control piece.


  • Ed shares the same birthday as Mike Haggar. Interestingly enough, the date is a day before Balrog's birthday.



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