"El Fuerte! Flying Giga Buster! (エル・フォルテェ! フラーイングギガバスター! Eru Forutee! Furaaingu Giga Basutaa!?)"
El Fuerte

The El Fuerte Flying Giga Buster (エル・フォルテフライングギガバスター Eru Forute Furaingu Giga Basutaa?) is El Fuerte's first Ultra Combo, introduced along with him in Super Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick x3
El Fuerte 470


Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing all three kick buttons, El Fuerte points at his opponent and jumps forward. If he comes into contact with his opponent's upper torso, he lands on their shoulders in a standing position pointing to the sky - as his finger gleams - and then wraps his legs around his opponent's neck, slamming them to the ground. He then jumps into the air with his feet still locked around his opponent's neck, and flips into a mid-air suplex position. He then slams his opponent, spinning, into the ground.

The control stick can be used to control the jump's forward distance. The combo is considered a "throw" and cannot be blocked; once El Fuerte comes into contact with an earthbound opponent's upper torso, the combo will initiate.




Super Street Fighter 4 - El Fuerte Ultra 1 El Fuerte Flying Giga Buster00:15

Super Street Fighter 4 - El Fuerte Ultra 1 El Fuerte Flying Giga Buster

Super Street Fighter IV (Japanese voices).

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