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El Gado ElGado
El Gado, as he appears in Final Fight Revenge
El Gado
Birthplace Cuba
Hair color Black
Rival(s) Rolento
First game Final Fight
English voice actor(s) Michael Dobson (Street Fighter TV series)
Bill Corkery (Final Fight Revenge)

El Gado (エルガド Erugado?), also known as "E.G.", is a character from the Final Fight series. He is a member of the Mad Gear Gang, a knife expert who answers to Rolento.



El Gado's appearances changes wildly between games, but what stays consistent is that he is a tall, thin man with black hair who wears fatigues, carries a knife (or several), and usually sports a mustache and beard. He often wears a headband, but in some appearances, he wears a beanie. In Final Fight and its variations, he wore green, but in the Street Fighter Alpha series, he had a dull yellow outfit. His fellow foot soldier, Holly Wood, shares a very similar appearance. El Gado is of Hispanic origin, and his fighting style is Souo-katsuken (Double Scorpion Tail technique).


Final Fight RevengeEdit

El Gado begins as a regular footsoldier for the Mad Gears in Final Fight, but in Final Fight Revenge it is revealed that he joined the Mad Gears in order to kill Rolento, who is apparently responsible for the death of his family. In his ending, he finally catches Rolento alone and puts a knife to his throat, and Rolento frantically bargains with him, telling him they can work it out and that he can make him a very powerful man.[1] Since Rolento is still alive by the time of Street Fighter Alpha 2, and El Gado is apparently still working for him (as seen in Rolento's Take No Prisoners), he must have accepted the offer.

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

El Gado appears again in Ultra Street Fighter IV, with Rolento's returning "Take No Prisoners" as his second Ultra Combo.

Other appearancesEdit

Street Fighter animated seriesEdit

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El Gado appeared in the Street Fighter cartoon series.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a reference of the Spanish word delgado, which means "slim".





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