The Electric Blaster, also known as the Denji Blast (電磁ブラスト, Denji Burasuto, literally "Electromagnetic Blast") is one of Necro's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

All appearances Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Punch (Arcade Modifier TapArcade Button Punch)


Executed by performing a Shoryuken motion? and pressing punch, Necro steps forward and hold his arms out while his head and torso course with electricity. Tapping the punch button will cause him to continually emit electricity, similar to Blanka's Electric Thunder. Necro wields a more powerful version as a Super Art.


The attack does significant chip damage and can juggle an opponent in the corner or in the air. It also serves as an anti-air in certain scenarios, and can cancel into Necro's Super Arts.[1]





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