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Eleven (イレヴン Irevun?) is a non-playable character who appears in Urien's Street Fighter V Character Story mode.


While Eleven can theoretically take on virtually any form, Eleven's default appearance is a milky-white semisolid male humanoid. His body is generally smooth and featureless. A "V" shaped structure is present atop Eleven's head.. Eleven has no will, blindly following orders given to it.[1]


Street Fighter VEdit

Eleven is an earlier prototype of Twelve created by the Illuminati's Dr. Woo, produced by reforming plants rather than animals.[1] Urien has Eleven transform into a copy of himself to test its abilities, and causes heavy damage to it. Not satisfied, Urien tells Dr. Woo to improve it. It is later re-purposed by Kolin as raw material to resurrect Nash.



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