The Exciting Street Scene is a stage introduced in Super Street Fighter IV.

 It takes place near Chhattisgarh, India.


A street in India in which there appears to be some sort of procession taking place. 


  • Though no characters (except Seth) have their own stage in Street Fighter IV, it is considered Dhalsim's stage due to the fact that his wife, Sally, can be seen in the background, sitting by a fruit market. Worth noting is that if Dhalsim is fighting on the stage, she will watch the fight, applauding if Dhalsim lands a hit and breaking down in tears when Dhalsim is knocked out.
  • The signs and the banner in the background are written in genuine Hindi. For example, the left corner of the stage advertises a 'Silai Machine' i.e. a tailor while the banner in the center of the stage says 'Nashta' (Breakfast) Cafe.


Super Street Fighter IV - Exciting Street Scene Stage (India)04:37

Super Street Fighter IV - Exciting Street Scene Stage (India)


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